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The plot of part 2 is interesting to say the least, but it is true that there is a need to put in more taijutsu into the battles along with the creation of strategies, but in the last couple of episodes Kakashi created a strategy to land hits on Obito. Plus, even though Naruto now has his ultimate bijuu mode and Sasuke his Susanoo, i think that the final battle will be a little bit more than just bunch of overpowering attacks and replaying them in different views.

I personally think that Naruto could whoop Sasuke's ass in a heartbeat, even in just sage mode and battling without the kyuubi in any state. Sasuke is just there so there can be an "ultimate enemy which will put Naruto's skills to the test." I don't think that Sasuke should even still be alive after his fight with Itachi, but it was necessary for the show to go on so I understand, but it would be a little bit easier to accept that Sasuke "beat" Itachi if he didn't act all arrogant all of the time.
Well you have a point but if Naruto is stronger then Sasuke wouldn't Sasuke need to be more strategic in the battle because one wrong move and it's over you know i'd just like to see more of that.