I want to say that the latest topic is regarding Sasuke defeating Kabuto fused with Orochimaru. I have to say that we have different opinions regarding the matter of this battle.

You all think Kabuto can easily overpower Sasuke and i find that ridiculous. Kabuto isn't a threat to be honest. He basically felt happy when he saw both Uchiha's in the cave. The only reason Kabuto was overpowering them was because of the location of the battle. Sasuke and Itachi both had disadvantages in that fight.

First, the cave made Kabuto had the ability to make his jutsu's versatile against the brothers.
Second, he had the power to control the cave with his DSM and shape it to his desire.
Third, Kabuto's White Rage had a big effect on the brothers because of the cave itself.
Fourth, Kabuto had home advantage i bet he wouldn't have been able to transmit that much light, sound, and creation outside in a plain field of grass.

Furthermore, he assumes that he was going easy. Kabuto used all of his ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu against the brothers and still failed to capture the victory. Sure i will admit he is a formidable opponent, but his overconfidence leads to his defeat every single time.

Now i want to talk about Nagato-- it took three ninjas in order to defeat him. If you put Itachi and Sasuke vs Nagato i bet the Uchiha brothers would of lost the match. Nagato was haxxed to the max and the dude couldn't use his legs. Imagine if he could move with his own two feet? More trouble since he float through the air thanks to his gravitational powers. Nagato was easily making chowder of both Naruto and Bee compare that to Kabuto. Many people believe that Kabuto can single out Nagato in battle. Kabuto was never a SO6P or even close for that matter. He was just trying to sound like a dominant foe that's all. I bet Hashirama can take him out by his own.

I bet even Itachi by himself can defeat Kabuto, but with severe difficulty. I don't see Sasuke having the same problem though. He has great control of his sharingan and it has evolved to the EMS. Amaterasu is Sasuke's most powerful attack fusing it with Blaze Release to move the flames instantly. He has Tsukuyomi which can momentarily paralyze an opponent or make reality seem like an illusion. Sasuke's Susanoo has evolved into such a dangerous humanoid. He can make an orb of black flames to shoot targets and kill them instantly. He also has Susanoo Arrow coated with Amaterasu further increasing it's power. He can use a blade with the bow i believe.

Kabuto is strong, but i feel that without the help of Edo Tensei. He doesn't stand a chance against Sasuke outside his cave. When Sasuke holds back we know that he always loses. Look when he fought Killer B? He was getting owned for not taking him serious enough. Sasuke going after someone with the intent of killing is dangerous. Plus, Kabuto told Sasuke all the abilities he possessed thanks to Taka. Sasuke knows Kabuto can heal that isn't a problem for him, Sasuke knows Suigetsu's weakness is Raiton, and Sasuke knows about Jugo's abilities as well. Kabuto has Oral Rebirth, but if Sasuke can paralyze him in Doton stage. Kabuto is really finished and don't forget that Sasuke knows Oral Rebirth himself. He did used against Itachi in the Uchiha Hideout. Sasuke has knowledge about Kabuto's techniques because they are related to Orochimaru and his former minions. The only thing that overwhelmed Sasuke was the DSM. He immediately found a way to stop his Inorganic Recreation technique. Sasuke wins against Kabuto with moderate-high difficulty. Kabuto might beat Sasuke inside the cave and i said might win.