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    i think naruto,gai,bee and kakashi are going to fail in defeating obito and madara

    before you start saying anything i have a few points to prove my veiws so please don't be hasty read through before commenting,its not that much.

    first of all naruto never anticipated that the five kages would lose to edo madara,am i right so he used a considerable amount of both his and the kyubi's chakra trying to defeat tobi,beliving that the five kages will succeed just as itachi succeeded but he was wrong wasn't he,madara is just too strong plus he has infinate amount of chakra since he's an edo zombie and he can fight for like forever.and now he is done with them and has come to aid obito whom they havn't even defeated yet
    gai and kakashi too are all exausted since immediately after finishing the 7 edo sword men of the mist they went ahead to join naruto whitout any rest and they have used considerable amount of chakra too in the current fight with obito and now madara is there so they dont stand a chance.

    my last point is that the jubi is getting revived once it is fully revived even though it not complete it will still have a devastating power that would be very difficult to estinguish(defeat).

    but all is not lost since we dont know what the creep and the brat are up to yet,and also all the other allied shinobi forces are heading to aid them but personally i dont think no. will makeany diffrence with the edo madara,but who knows something unexpected might happen after all it naruto that we are talking about.
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