Boys and Girls who join Cherub are either orphans or they have very dis-functional families which lead to them being put into care homes. Once in these care homes if current Cherub agents, who are on recruitment missions, deems that person fit to join Cherub they will be pulled from the care home be taken to Cherub campus and they will be given a new last name of their choice. Once the basic training sessions come around the new Cherub will undergo 100 days of rigorous training sessions. If they complete the basic training they can start going to lessons and go on various missions of different levels of difficulty. However if someone fails the basic training or quit they will have to wait a certain amount of months in order to go through another semester of hell.


Orange Shirt
The orange shirt is worn by potential recruits and guests on CHERUB campus. The high visibility colour serves as a warning.
CHERUB agents are only allowed to talk to someone in an orange shirt if the Chairman or another senior staff member gives them permission.

Red Shirt
Red shirts are worn by cherubs who are not qualified to enter basic training. This is usually because they are under 10 years of age.
Cherub accepts children from age 6 upwards. Sometimes a younger child is admitted if they have an older brother or sister.

Blue Shirt
The blue shirt is worn under the following circumstances:

(1). By a newly recruited agent, over ten years of age who is waiting for the next session of basic training to begin.

(2) By recruits who are in basic training. Under these circumstances the shirts also have a trainee number printed on them

Grey Shirt
This is what you earn if you make it through 100 days of basic training and qualify as an agent.
Roughly 90% of CHERUB agents will be promoted to higher ranking black or navy shirts before they retire.

Navy Shirt
The navy t-shirt is awarded to a grey shirt CHERUB agent for an outstanding performance on a single mission.

Note: Once a black or navy shirt is awarded, you cannot be demoted. More than 90% of CHERUB agents will be promoted to navy before retiring.

Black Shirt
The black shirt is usually awarded to a navy shirt agent for outstanding performance over a number of missions.
On rare occasions, grey shirt agents who have been on a very long mission have been allowed to skip the navy shirt entirely.

Black and navy shirts are awarded at the discretion of the chairman. 50% of CHERUB agents can expect to receive a black shirt before they retire.

White Shirt
Most Cherub agents retire at 17 or 18 years of age. They get given a white shirt when they come back to visit friends on campus or attend a reunion.

Some CHERUB staff also wear the white shirt, usually those in the athletics or training departments.

Cherub Campus:

The name usually given to the collection of buildings that forms CHERUB headquarters.

The land on which campus sits was originally a small village surrounded by farmland. In 1940 the British government cleared the area to use the land as an testing range for artillery shells. Later in the war it was used as a training ground for American paratroops.

In early 1940, Charles Henderson began training five boys and one girl in a disused school at the eastern end of the present day campus. Over the following decades, the entire area was enclosed, and grew steadily to become today's sprawling Campus.

The campus is marked on all British maps as an army firing range. Surrounding roads are routed so that there is only one road in and out. The perimeter fences cannot be seen from nearby roads. Helicopters are banned from the area and aeroplanes must stay above ten thousand metres.

Anyone breaching the CHERUB perimeter could face life imprisonment under the State Secrets Act.


While lessons are many cherub’s least favourite aspect of life on campus, the staff take pride in the fact that every pupil receives an education worthy of a top fee-paying school, despite the frequent interruptions caused by missions.

Every cherub is given a personal curriculum and pupils work in small groups that are based on ability rather than age. After a long mission, cherubs are usually assigned a personal tutor who helps them to catch up on missed work.

GCSE and A-level exams are taken whenever pupils are deemed able, irrespective of age. Most cherubs leave with four or more A-levels and over ninety per-cent go on to university.

Now that we're done with the heavy stuff let's get into how we're going to role play this fantastic book.
The first let's say five people who want to join in will go through basic training which and I'll play the unbearable instructor and in order for me to get some enjoyment I'll be playing a character of my own. If five people don't come soon we'll just start anyway because I have hardly any patience :p

Here's the template:

First Name:
New Last name:
Ethnic Background:

Please keep in mind due to starting at Basic training don't choose a ridiculous age like sixteen or fifteen although it may happen please just choose an age between 10-12 years old.

Now have fun and don't worry Basic training won't last as long as it should do.

Also I'll be the one to issue new missions when ever I think of one and I'm pretty creative no one else can apart from the people I give permission to