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    The 3 SaNnins can go sage mode(senin)!!!

    This is not a fan made thread or TROL Thread So read before commenting

    We all know Jiraiya represents the frog,Oro represents the snake and Tsunade represents the slug
    We've seen Jiraiya go sage mode and his pet (gamaken or gamabunta...Whatever the name is)

    We've also seen The snake's sage mode...Kabuto(Oro's apprentice)picked of where Oro left of and became a SAGE :D
    He went to the snake mountain and Learned sage mode

    AS YOU CAN SEE...The frog and snake already revealed their trump card
    Who's to say Tsunade can't go sage mode?She can but it's being preserved till the right time
    She probably learn't it already or something......She's the slug princess afterall
    Her sage mode will definitely have some healing ASPECT...Let's wait and see..

    Itachi is my guy So I ain't TSUNADE FAN LOL

    I wonder if manda is dead foreal, Oh well
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