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    Regretful Thoughts About Rinnegan Sasuke

    At first i wanted to have Sasuke obtain the Rinnegan, but not so much right now. I get that Rinnegan is the final evolution of the Sharingan. Sasuke deserves better than the Rinnegan to be honest. I just can't seem him being another ocular user of the Rinnegan that would not fit well with Sasuke's character. He is a character that creates impressive jutsu, tricks, and formulates good battle plans. For him to obtain a dojutsu that has been used by Madara, Obito, Nagato, and SO6P it just been overused. Also, Kishimoto said that Sasuke has to been nearly on par with Naruto. Naruto already knows the weaknesses of the Paths. So if Sasuke comes up with that similar tactic in order to defeat Naruto. You and me both know that Naruto will have an easy fight with Sasuke.

    I just see him with Rinnegan and it won't make up for an interesting thing. I rather see Sasuke get his ass beat with EMS than with Rinnegan. I mean that eye technique just bores me. Heck, i wish only there was just one Rinnegan user or two Rinnegan users, but no more. I bet it might be inevitable since EMS is the last step after that it's just Rinnegan. I only wish Kishimoto gave Sasuke something different. Like let's say there was a mysterious dojutsu that the Uchiha never had in existance, except the Elder Son. I would love for Sasuke to obtain a dojutsu that no one has obtained before in the series. That would not only be interesting, but it will show that Naruto and Sasuke can have a final match with him not having the Rinnegan.

    Let's put this eye as just an example. I have read that some of you want Sasuke to have an eye similar to this one. I wouldn't mind the idea. I would rather him have this eyes than the same old Rinnegan that has been overused by some many ninjas. What's your thought about Sasuke obtaining the Rinnegan? Should Kishi give him a different eye technique? Or should he just get a legendary eye jutsu?
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