i felt like being a Uchiha Fanboy today and i havent posted any threads in what feels like 3 months so here it goes

Uchiha Sasuke can take down

Rock Lee

Might Guy

Hanzo the Salamander

Itachi Uchiha( He was destined to surpass his brother )

Tsunade ( How is she suppose to shrug off amateratsu with healing?? )

Jiraiya ( it will take jiraiya at least 5 minutes to go into sage mode and during that time being sasuke kills jiraiya with amateratsu )

Orochimaru ( Sasuke's Susano'o takes his eight branches and Sasuke can make amateratsu turn and hit orochimaru )

Minato ( Minato has no jutsu strong enough to penatrate susano'o so all he will do is run away )

Enough said, i cant think of anymore...