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    Eating Canium

    Chapter one

    As the bell struck for my History period, the feminine teacher-Miss Revour-waltz into the room, her long lace skirt trailing behind her. “Alright, class, for today we’re going to learn about the history of our own town, Canium.” She grabbed her chalk and wrote the name of our little city in her elegant handwriting. “Does anyone know how Canium got its name?” Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that no one had their hand raised. With a sigh, she continued after the silence. “Cain- the same Cain from the Bible- who killed his brother was the original reason for the name. A man originally named Ironor changed his name to Cain because he believed he was a direct descendant from him.” She paced the room, rubbing her hands together- sometimes intertwining them together to keep them warm. “He was the first Medieval, and he only chose his closest friends to join him to rule his city. Now, Ironor was a cruel ruler-not letting others oppose him, and those who did were thrown into prison. A rebellion was taking place within the city with their secret meetings that were disguised as normal affairs. Eventually, the people of Canium gave them a name- the Cannibals.” Miss Revour’s words dripped with thick suspense as she stalked around the room, creepily. “The Cannibals got their name after their first victim of course. As every group murderer would like to do, they started with a man in the Medievals, working their way up to Ironor. Now, no matter how much Ironor didn’t want to admit it, he was petrified. And, with a brilliant resolution, the Canium army had captured the group after the murder of Ironer, but since the bodies were never there-only bones and a note of their death- they didn’t know the cause of death. But, when they barged into the Head Tower, they found people tearing away at the flesh and blood of the last Medieval splattered on the floor, spread equally between them.” She shuddered at the thought.
    “Cossette,” Her hand pounded on my desk, causing it to vibrate. “How dare you doze off in my class!” Her hand crunched my sketch of a man with sunken eyes and a thin line for a mouth that poured the blood and meat of a Medieval. “Cossette, this is the fifth time I have got you asleep in my class. I am sick and tired of-” Her stern voice was cut off by the ding-ding-ding of the bell around us.
    “I’m leaving, Miss Revour.” I gathered my stuff together in my arms, leaving the classroom with a swift movement. Miss Revour mumbled under her breath as she wrote my name down. (Miss Revour has horrid memory so she has to write stuff down or else she will forget them all.

    “Cossette,!” My best friend- Louvel- called out from behind me. His rough and thick brown hair pasted against his skin, his crimson eyes that felt so familiar to me would have made others shiver. “Cossette, I heard you got in trouble with Miss Revour.” His lip curled in a smirk.
    I shook my head. “Nah, that woman just can’t understand I have sleep problems.” I chuckled, which was echoed by my other friends.
    “Not what the gang said.”
    “Who cares what the gang said? They’re so overrated.”
    Who is the gang you ask? The gang is a hidden group of people who meet every week. I’m not in it, and Louvel won’t tell me anything so I’m lost on the details in their story-not even their name. The unfamiliarity of them stung into my soul, impaling it entirely. My body ached to identify the name.
    “You’re just jealous,” Louvel said, cockily while leaning against the lockers. “that you aren’t in it.”
    “You can’t honestly believe I want to be in that crazy thing, do you?” I shut my locker and slung my backpack over my shoulder. “Everything you do is so secretive; it all just ticks me off.” I pumped my shoulders in a shrug as we continued our walk toward my car.
    When the sun has just begun to bathe me in its glory, Louvel pulled my arm, jerking to me to the side. He leaned his face close to mine, a serious look cast against his face. “Cossette, I need you to meet me at the Red Rose at 10:00…at night.” His blood-shot eyes flashed with an eerie sense that plunged its way into my stomach.
    A flash of memories flooded into my mind. I remember when I fell off my bike and twisted my ankle; Louvel carried me all the way home. I remember when I broke my mother’s favorite vase; Louvel had taken the blame for me. Louvel- my best friend- acted as my big brother and never left my side ever since I was little. Now, with Louvel still my best friend, he was the only person I trusted. I hold him so close in my heart it isn’t even funny anymore.
    A visible breath poofed out of my mouth, blowing onto his face. “Fine.” I shook my head. “I’ll meet you there alright?” When his head bobbed in a nod I continued my walk toward my car, heart pounding.

    By ikikouchiha9668 and LonelyAssassin

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    Re: Eating Canium

    Very Nice Work

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    Re: Eating Canium

    There was some grammar stuff, and also some writing mistakes :3
    But I liked it overall ^_^

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