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    A fantatsy Story Chapter14 Part 3

    Past chapters:
    Chapter 1 : 1 - 2 - 3
    Chapter 2 : 1 - 2 - 3
    Chapter 3 : 1 - 2 - 3
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    Chapter 5 : 1 - 2 - 3 (wait a minute there isn't a 3rd part for my 5th chapter) :sy:
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    Here's a character backstory:
    Gary: the pervert Protagonist, partially lost his memory, he tries to get his memory back by returning to the Empire, he's excelled at mixing elemental affinities with his katana sword beside summoning deities from another world.
    Ame: the sweet imp-princess she tries to help Gary restore his memory, with her healing abilities and water element use.
    Genji: the logical-speaking guy, he doesn't -like everybody else- what tribe he's, he got expelled from his village because of his appearence and ability to suck people energy and ability to control trees, he joined this journey to find out more about himself.
    Eduna:a mysterious priestess she seems to know as much as Julius does, she joined the rebellion war against the tyrant.
    Rose: the french speaking Fairy, she's more pervert than Gary she joined the group for fun, she has the power to charm any male, she has sensorial abilities, and wide magical abilities.
    Ignius: a man who've been cursed by Julius into a hideous dragon-man he seeks to avenge from Julius.
    Zhein: Gary's friend and adoptive brother who've been kidnapped but saved by the Tyrant' chancellor, he now on the good side.
    Julius: the Tyrant Chancellor, he's a mysterious man, with mysterious motives, his powers are unique, he tries to bring peace without looking at the cost, he is revealed to be an ancient deity that wants to bring all world to nothingness.
    Kalina: Gary's mother and the best known earth manipulator on the main land.
    magia: the type energy that's used to cast magic skills

    well it seems that there are a lot of Rose fans that doesn't want her to die :p
    ************************************************** **********************************************
    Barely breathing Rose the fairy is one step away from her doom, Eduna the priestess had lost all connection to her human self nothing left from her but the demon she became, approching her friend, who closed her eyes waiting for her final moment, the demon with rage smashed the ground sending Rose away, she landed on her head, her injured forehead got hurt blood was leaking from there, the fairy's mind was between life and death, pain and suffer she felt, she gazed with almost no sign of life to the demon remembering her past…

    *The 8 years old Rose, with her blonde hair hiding her eyes, was going out of school, and running toward a group of girls to join them on their way home, they stopped waiting for her, but unlike what she expected she was slapped by a girl who insulted her :"heh pathetic red eyes!"…

    Rose holded her cheek and started to cry :"why do you hate me? I'm not a monster…"

    Another girl interrupted her :"yes you are! A fairy with red eyes and dark purple wings! My dad said you are a harbinger of the bad luck to our tribe"…

    Rose said nothing and left the girls, but the girl who hit her earlier pulled her blonde hair and hit the ground with Rose spitting on her saying "miserable harlot!"…

    And so the girls left Rose, with her face on the ground, she stood her dirty face was muddy mixed with her tears, she walked slowly home entering her house in all silence, her mother was shocked of the appearence of her daughter that she dropped the dish she was cleaning…

    The worried mother, rushed to her daughter cleaning her face from dirt and blood lifting the golden locks, over her eyes, seeing those red eyes filled with tears, she could do nothing but crying aswell calming her sad daughter with hugs and words "it's ok darling, they'll know how important you are one day"…

    "Ok..but why are my eyes red while you all have green ones?" Rose asked while wiping her tears…

    The mother smiled saying "because you are very special my dear… a very special fairy…" kissing her daughter on the forehead, "now please take care of the twins while I make dinner honey" added the mother…

    "yes, mother…" answered Rose after feeling some relief…

    Years passed and Rose became 13 her unique magic skills started to show, she was showing off in the school yard, hurling a fire ball in a hand and water ord in another, while riding a rotating air sphere, evey fairy was impressed with her skills of manipulating three elements at the same time in such early age…

    "in your eyes harlots!" Rose insulted everyone in school…"this will teach you to respect Roselline Rothe la femme fatale! I dare any punk of you to do it!" shouted the fairy with a challenging accent…

    The director of the school was troubled seeing Rose's abilities with the fear of the prophecy becoming true he ordered two high mages to arrest her…

    Later Rose's hands were cuffed, while she was led by the two mages, Ekadel and Aeil her young brother and sister rushed into her, but one of the guards stopped them, Ekadel shouted :" Sister! Where are they taking you?"…

    Rose smiled and winked and said with confidence :"no worries mon frère I'll get out from them in no time!" and turned her face adding: "now get home or mom will be worried"…

    Rose was trapped in an isolated area of the garden, days and weeks passed, Rose's improved her skills she mastered wind and fire natures in them…

    The elders were watching her intensly from afar, their fears were growing more they started to discuss, one of them commented: "gentlmen, I think we are witnessing the rise of another Verdonnia in our tribe"…

    Another elder added: "my god! what are we going to do?!"…

    The third member concluded in cofidence: "we have to call for Eduna the priestess"…

    "Who's that?" Rose asked sarcastically appearing all of the sudden behind them…

    The elders troubled by the young woman, one of them pointed his palm toward her, a seal started to form on her body, but she easily broke it and removed the talisman like it was nothing mocking them: "Really! Geezers!"…

    The old men got angered so they casted a collabortion sleeping spell on her causing her to pass out, with only remembering their gibberish voice saying "if she continued improving like this will have to end her…"*

    Rose was back a little bit to her consciousness smiling and speaking in a barely heard voice: "Geezers…I hope you are happy" trying to rise her head but pain prevented her so her face hit the ground again, the golden brooch that was hoding her pony tail got opened and rolled down on the ground toward Eduna, who with the mere sight of that jewelery stopped her rage like she was restoring a bit of her mind..

    Rose lifted her head and said: "you still remembering that day…eh mamie?!"…

    More memories returned to the mind of the two women…

    *Eduna was walking with one of the elders discussing Rose's case, Eduna was surprised when she heard the so called Verdonnia manifested again: "Verdonnia?! …but she died long time ago?!" asked the priestess…

    The elder answered: "I'm afraid a calamatiy like her isn't to disappear that easily, we witnessed the birth of a fairy who is identical to her…"

    Eduna looked a bit interested: "so what have you planned to do with that girl?" she asked…

    "her powers are growing faster than any of her kind, she already mastered two elements and had a high control over two others and only in her early fourteens, so I think the only solution is to assure that she dies young…" the elder explained…

    Eduna looked unpleased and interrupted the elder saying: "how disgraceful! kill an innocent soul because of doubts! I think I should test the little girl" with confidence…

    The elder agreed and took Eduna to where Rose is isolated, Rose was very depressed she was sitting holding her legs with her arms, and mumbling that nobody likes her and she'll live the rest of her life trapped in this place, and she'll never get a boy friend…

    Eduna approched her saying "Roselline Rothe I persume"…

    Rose turned to her and mocked her: "mon dieu! I didn't ask for a trans boyfriend!"…

    Eduna just accepted the insult with a calm look saying: "I've been told that you are a brilliant magia manipulator around I just wanted to test my powers with you…"…

    Rose jumped steps back and charged her palms with wind and threat Eduna: "prepare to meet femme fata…"…

    And before she complete her senctence the priestess pulled her index, and Rose slipped to fall on the ground: "hmph as expected, you are pathetic!" Eduna insulted her emotionlessly…

    Rose stood up again: "don't get over confident, mamie!" and charged again, and as the previous try Eduna pulled her index, but this time Rose noticed that her leg was tied with a magia threadn she quickly cut it while she was flipped, grabbed a small pebble and tosse dit at Eduna who didn't show any worry, "Touché!" Rose yelled, while clapping her hands, the pebble multiplicated into dozens, thus making Eduna pull her rapier and block them with ease…

    "Not bad Roselline Rothe" she admitted "but" she pulled her index again making Rose slip again…

    "Not fair mamie!" Rose complained…

    Eduna got near Rose and lifted her locks, revealing Rose's eyes and complimented: "such beautiful eyes… but why do you hide them?"…

    Rose closed her eyes and answered: "because they bring bad luck for me! I hate them, everybody hate me for them! I wish someone take them off!"with tears dropping from her eyes…

    Eduna scolded her gently: "now don't say that! They are gift from God to you! You should be proud, and never be ashamed of showing them…here" Eduna removed a golden bracelet from her wrist and gave it to Rose…

    Rose disgusted: "ugh! What an ugly bracelet!"…

    Eduna poked the fairy's head: "idiot! Here let me show you a better way to wear it" said Eduna while tying the young girl's long golden hair like a pony tail and hold it tightly with the bracelet that made a beatiful hair pin…

    Rose looked at herself in the pond, she was surprised of her new hair style, she blushed and said with hesitation: "um mamie….merci" and hugged the priestess…

    Eduna didn't show any emotions as she walked away, the elder asked her how it goes and she answered him: "don't be rediculous! She's a Ruby in the mud" saying no more she left the garden…*

    With those memories, the beast that Eduna is now, errupted as she held her head and started roaring and breaking nearby rocks with it, breathing fire in the air, and finally running away from where Rose is, the fairy witnessed her friends running away, she hoped that she'll regain her consciousness again, she tried to stand but the pain and exhaust prevented her, she fell back again with her face toward the cloudy sky, a rain drop had fallen on her face, followed by a tear from her eye, she smiled and closed her eyes…
    End of chapter to be continued
    ************************************************** **********************************************
    I dunno why, but this is what inspired me to write the latest paragraph :shrug:

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter14 Part 3

    Nice Chapter

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter14 Part 3

    The 2 flashbacks were awesome The 1st one was sad while the other one... well, she surpassed her fellow students so it was cool
    I have to admit that I have a couple of previous chapters I haven't read so I'll be reading them when I get the time :D

    Awesome chapter!

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter14 Part 3

    I really like how you did the past and stuff! ^_^ Awesome! You have much to learn about grammar though, padawan. One day I promise to break down a chapter and show you some stuff, I just can't do it right now...

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter14 Part 3

    very nice job :3 your story is a masterpiece

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter14 Part 3

    I love it man

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter14 Part 3

    Total Freaking Awesomeness!!!!! *0*
    ANd that last para totally blew me away, :worshippy:

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