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    Naruto Shippuden Episode 284 Yotubue Review/Commentary

    My thoughts on the recent episode:

    In case that doesn't work: Link to My Channel

    What Swordsmen would you like to see get a filler episode? What happened to Kakashi's rampage he's just reading porn?.

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    Re: Naruto Shippuden Episode 284 Yotubue Review/Commentary

    What I agree with:

    Yeah the Sai emotional sealing Jutsu didn't make sense at all they could have used the time for more Lee fight scene with either the explosive guy or any other random ninja

    Yes the fillers to come will be good cuz i like how they get to show what each swordsman can do unlike the manga

    I also wondere where the **** was kakashi when sai was tring to work on his seal and left the swordsman there regenearting eventhough he wasn't sealed yet, he should have made sure he was sealed before leaving, but seems that lee did a good job protecting them

    Lol yea kakashi was reading his porn , lol at such a crucial time

    Disagreed On:

    the part when he ambused the 2 fodder was a good scene, the reason why he didn't notice because of how fast he did it, it was to show how stealthy they can be and It was very good scene to me.

    also I think the nara's mascara part was irrelevant

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