If anyone watches Rock lee and his ninja pals, than you will know what i am talking about.

Basically, the show features stops for a few seconds (during the episode) and than it would continue again.
The first 27 episodes had 2 different stops.

One with Naruto charging up a Rasengan, jumping in the air, and landing with it(couldnt find the moving one, but you will probably recognize it from the pic).
[IMG]http://t3.************/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSB_chIGlMci9zwaXYXmQp0zWDpJWeXi JHi-3Nhi8fT6pL3LaRK_PRbA9e2CA[/IMG]

The other is Lee jumping in the air and doing lotus.

Now the rock lee and ninja pals episode 28, featured 2 new ones.
Tenten and Neji.
The Neji version had boss music playing in the background and i would like to somehow get my hands on it.

So 2 questions:
Does anyone know where/how i can get the music in the neji version?
What are these type of stops called?