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    Re: Romney or Obama

    Quote Originally Posted by ~WastelandSociety~ View Post
    If you people think Obama isn't a liar just look at his past debates,etc.

    His words


    Politician lies cause thats what the people want to hear.

    Stop stating the obvious Obama does lie like all politicians but not as much as Romney look at the fact checkers after the debates Romney lied way more than Obama period Part of being a leader is being honest and telling the truth even though Obama isn't perfect he IS FAR more better than Romney though.

    People need to remember that Romney is a business man so he is qualify for the job WRONG

    You can't run a nation like a business heres why

    Business are for one reason only to make money. A business is legally obligated to put profit above everything else

    Businesses do not care about their customers. No where in the corporate charter does it talk about customer happiness or customer satisfaction. If a competitor is making there customers happy there may be some type of incentive to go in that direction but out of all of it it's about the shareholders and ONLY the shareholders. It's less expensive to improve the marketing than it is to improve the product or service. All in all it's fine to sell defective products as long as they can MANIPULATE a certain percentage of the people into believing they are buying a good product at a good price their shareholders are happy.If the marketing campaign is really good, they will convince their customers that product defects are normal (as with many electronics) and that they should pay to replace their defective product with the next generation of the very same defective product.

    The government is not in the business for creating demand. Government services are only necessary for our society to function properly. Businesses are made every day by creating new demands for new products. Pharmaceutical companies invent illnesses. Clothing manufacturers convince us that we are somehow inferior if we are caught wearing last year’s styles. Governments pick up trash, teach children, put out fires and serve justice. They have no incentive to have us create more trash, make dumber children, start fires or imprison innocent people. On the other hand, if those same services were run by business, the more trash they picked up, the more money they would earn. The more work they had to put into educating our children, the more money they would earn. The more fires they had to put out, the more money they would earn. The more people that they put in jail, the more money they earn.

    The cost cutting measures taken by businesses can backfire on the government. Since free trade agreements are becoming more and more common. One of the most used common cost cutting measures has been to OUTSOURCE JOBS. Mitt Romneys company (Bain) taught other businesses how to save money by outsourcing jobs overseas which is becoming a problem it's all about greed people. ALL FOR PROFIT. Working people in China 90 cents an hour 12 hours a day and with one day off a month will let a business keep more money than paying people in the United States 14 to 20 dollers a hour. Which in some ways is why large businesses are trying to make there workers vote for Romneys so they can get rid of unions WHICH IS VERY BAD

    Business people tend to do a very bad job at governing. George W.Bush and Cheney both came from business backgrounds and they left the country in the worst financial shape since the great depression. Mitt Romney from a business background left Massachusetts 47th out of 50 states for job creation which is one of the reasons why his approval rating went down. I know because I lived in Massaschusetts during the time he was state governer. People say he had a extremely good record in Mass soooo if he did he would ve ran for a second term and would have a double digit lead on Obama BUT Obama instead HAS a double digit lead on him in Mass

    Businesses are amoral. Morality isn't part of the corporate charter. The constitution is a moral (please don't confuse this with religious documents) It is a code of conduct for all goverment officials. It states that officials from the governemnt must answer to WE THE PEOPLE. If we don't like the constitution we can change it . Business people don't have no such codes of conduct unless it is to instruct them to not embarrass the corporation and its board of directors. We the Customers have absolutely no input into any such code of conduct.

    These are reasons why business people are terrible in governing period. Which is why my vote is for Obama. So if any of you will ask me what did Obama did in 4 years I can provide you a decent amount of what he did in 4 years
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    Re: Romney or Obama

    it's pointless to argue, people vote for what benefits them the most (and rightfully so) regardless of candidates and their "promises", rarely anyone will vote for the "greater good" of the country... upper middle class and above will vote Republican 99/100, and lower middle class and below will vote Democrat 99/100.... im sure everyone has their reasons to why you vote who you vote, but whether you want to admit it or not, it comes down to what i just said, it always has and it always will

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    Re: Romney or Obama

    Closing this as there is now a stickied thread for election discussion! Feel free to continue there!

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