All 1-9 tails came from 10 tails.
Therefore all abilities of each 1-9 tailed beasts can be used by the 10 tails.

The 10 tails chakra was divided into 1-9 chakra which became the 1-9 tailed beasts.
Kurama that came from 10 tails chakra feels the SO6P power within naruto (see pic below)

How and why kurama recognized the SO6P power within naruto? he recognized the SO6P power when naruto uses the new sealing tech to him... The SO6P as jinchuriki in which kurama chakra and other tailed beast chakra that was inside the body of SO6P probably experience the same or similar kind of sealing tech used by naruto..

So when kurama as chakra returns to its owner which is the 10 tails there's a possiblity that the 10 tails will also recognized naruto as the new SO6P.
How will the 10 tails recognized naruto as new SO6P? is it by the sealing tech that naruto use to kurama? nope

The chakra(which is kurama) will proudly tell to 10-tails that "this boy inherit the power of the SO6P".
Therefore IMO there will be a repeat battle that might happen between the 10 Tails and the new SO6P which is naruto.