- The Kage Summit -

It appears that the Raikage has a specific agenda to address at this summit, specfically two things.
1. First being that his brother the 8-Tailed Jinchurriki is missing.
2. Akatsuki lead by Uchiha Sasuke was the group responsible.

This is where I became curious about the choice of the Land of Iron to be the neutral meeting grounds. I am going to argue that being "neutral" is just relative. Compared to all the other Lands, Iron is the least connected to the shinobi world. This does NOT mean that there is no connection.

I theorize that the Land of Iron has a Deep Rooted connection with the Land of Lightning and the Hidden Village in the Clouds

To prove the possible connections, refer to following images and implications:

1. The Land of Iron does not have any shinobi village. Instead they use Samuri. This type of warrior uses their skill with the sword.

2. The Cloud Village possessed 2 Jinchurrikis. This is an imbalance of power in the shinobi world. Here is the 2-Tailed Jinchurriki.

3. The 8-Tails is the second beast. There are a few odd things to point out here.

1. Killer Bee, and his 2 other team members are all trained and experts with swords.

2. Killer Bee has 2 tatoos. One on his arm that says "Iron" and the second is of an ox horn. But why the 2 very distinct and recognizable tatoos? I believe that the Land of Iron was in possession of the 8-Tails, but made an agreement with the Cloud Village. Thus, the 8-Tails Jinchurriki was BRANDED with the Land of Iron symbol.

The land of Iron did not possess any shinobi. Therefore, they possessed no ability to utilize the 8-Tailed Beast. Instead, they used the beast as a bargaining tool. They traded the beast, for the loyalty of the Cloud Village.
Killer Bee even stated that he was not allowed to leave the village. He was basically under house arrest. This was done in order to protect the SECRET that the Cloud Village possessed 2 Jinchurriki's.
Killer Bee and his 2 team mates were sent to the Land of Iron to train, and to prove themselves worthy of possessing the 8-Tailed Beast. This is why they all are skilled sword users.

The Land of Iron, and the Cloud Village are BOTH very vulnerable at this point. The Cloud village lost BOTH of their trump cards... and the Land of Iron is furious that they do not have the protection they once possessed. They were swindled out of their deal with the Cloud Village. It is no wonder why they are concerned about Akatsuki, and was to kill Sasuke for being the cause of this dilema. Naruto is not only going to have to fight off the Cloud Village, but also the entire Land of Iron.

In Summary:
The Land of Iron is NOT neutral, and infact, every action suggested to take place by them, will be to re-establish their security, and to benefit the Cloud Village.