Since only tajutsu appears to work, I would pick

Shikamaru for strategy and understanding of Madaras abilities.

Naruto to counter huge mokuton attacks, or huge attacks from perf. susano. Also his SM clone will fight Madara with tajutsu.

Gai for tajutsu, since ninjutsu wont work, and of course 9 gates.

Choji he works perfectly with shikamarus plans. Also he will eat his pills and grow huge wings etc., literally becoming a monster with no brain, but shikamaru will make sure he wont screw up

Minato well I realized it's impossible to use only living shinobi when I can't even use the kages.. So Minato is needed for speed, sealing, and close combat, as well as brain. And he will have faith in Naruto as well boosting him 10 %