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    Eating Canium: Discovery

    Please read the first one before this one or else you will be confused. (Link:


    I stared at the imagination peaking darkness that lies around my bright headlights. I tried to focus my eyes onto the road, but the alluring darkness-
    A black cat scurried across the road, green eyes flashing in the headlight. It froze as I slammed on my breaks, jolting my purse and me forward. I luckily caught my purse by my index finger, but almost lost my lunch. I gripped the steering wheel, eyes widen with fear as the black cat kept running.
    With a sigh, I acted as if nothing happened, pressing on through the darkness. My fingers grabbed my phone from my purse, dialing Louvel’s number.
    “Hello?” Louvel said, with his mouth half full.
    “I-I’m going to be a little late, alright?” My voice was cracking, and- I noticed- my hands were shaking terribly against the steering wheel. “Just a little bit though so just keep waiting alright?” I swallowed down the large lump in my throat.
    “’Kay.” It sounded like he was eating…chicken? My stomach growled at the thought of scarfing down some grilled chicken from Red Rose- my favorite place to eat in our little town. My finger pressed the end call button and I sped up as I threw the phone into the seat next to me.
    As I pulled into the small café Red Rose, I saw a small group of heads, all lowered while they ate. I immediately pointed out Louvel’s brown head, and a few other guys from school- jocks mostly though. The old rusty red truck of Louvie’s popped out to me, the one I rode in oh-so many times. I remembered my long brownish blonde hair flowing back and smacking against the side of the truck. Our radio blasting, and the back-roads of Tennessee ahead of us and-
    My breaks screamed, hurting my eyes as the fender of a large new black truck appeared in front of me, clawing out at the darkness in front of me. My heart pounded and thumped, but I jerked the wheel to turn the car into the wide parking space.
    The tangible darkness surrounded my thin body as I kept clenching my purse in my shaking hand as the door was pushed open by my shoulder. My eyes closed and my nose crinkled with the horrid scent filling my nose.
    “Hey, guys, what’s that-“I was cut by the dark empty eyes that turned to me-about 18 or 20 of them. With the blood splattering their mouths- the blood of raw human flesh. My scared and widened eyes caught Louvel’s apologetic bloodshot eyes flashed back at me, the elegant hand of Miss Revour dangling from his bloodied mouth.
    “C-Cossette, let me- “ I wasn’t too scared to not move, meaning I could run the heck out of there- like I did. My trembling hands locked against the steering wheel, and I let out a whimpering scream as Louvel slapped against the hood of my car.
    “ Cossette, I am a Cannibal!”

    By Ikikouchiha9668 and Lonelyassassin :3

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    Re: Eating Canium: Discovery

    oh sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
    what will happen next!!

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    Re: Eating Canium: Discovery

    Great chapter ikiko-chan and assassin keep it up

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