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Madara fails here telling Obito that he will create a world with peace, a world where everyone wins etc...

The Moons Eye Plan is not a new world, it is a dream!!!!

The dreamer can even make dead people come alive like Obito said. The owner of the dream will be old fart Madara and he will make a dictatorship knowing everything that happens and killing anyone that opposes.

For Obito believing this is for peace, you are really retarded. Sorry.

so with dominican sharingan, can you see thru mangu? and detect onions real early on the spoon? or can u see accurately spot a piece of mondongo on a spoon lol , juss messing with you lol. he is in love man...nothing else matters...if your loved one dies (god forbid) and someone tells you of a possible way to see said person...u would do ANYTHING