Perfectly executed. Try reaching pinnacle when doing this too.
(Konoha Dairetsukū) – Leaf Great Violent Sky
Rank: B
Type: Attack
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A
Damage points: 30
Description: The user runs at the opponent, then kicking them into the stomach, following up with a spinning kick to the chest and punching multiple times to the upper body then follows up with a punch hitting the opponent into the sky. Once in the Air the user performs a spinning kick hitting the opponent into the ground where finally, they poses by raising their arms and bringing their legs together.

Now, for this jutsu, my clone will begin running at you, and will aim to punch a fist at your chest.
Proceed to raise your knee up to defend my move while using your elbow to strike down upon my clone's leg.
Describe the effect it has on his limb.