As the dizziness sets in, I begin to analyze the situation. He didnt touch me, There are no mushrooms around so theres no poision, he's a genjutsu specialist, and I made Eye contact. Well, theres a good chance this is genjutsu. I double over from the spinning and put my hand on my quads, to keep balance as I squat. With my hand on my thigh I release a sort concentrated burst of water into my leg. The concentrated stream tears into my flesh and pain rushes through my nearvous system. The spinning ends. That tricky bastard. I have to move quickly, before he completely heals. The blitz attack ended nearly as fast as it began. Channeling white fire to his legs Yamato rushes the downed former Kage in a blur. Two massive releases of white fire are expelled from Yamato's feet sending him flying to the left of Hashirama at an even greater speed. Yamato extends his burning hand as he passes and grabs Hashirama's chin, and pulls with all his might. The snap was barely heard due to the speed at which Yamato was traveling.

(Suiton: Mizu pikku)-Water Style: Water Picks
Type: Attack
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra Cost:30
Damage Points:60
Description: The user holds thier hand in the tiger claw popsition when attacking the in close range combat. When the user is about the hit the opponent with thier "claw" the user will shoot cutting jets of water from thier fingertips. These jets can cause deep cuts when used in a slashing motion or can pierce deep into the body if thrust stright towards the opponent. The jets of water are very condensed at the tip of the finger, but as the fingertips move farther way from the target the jets lose ther concentration, so maximum cutting power will require direct contact (or a few millimeters away).
-Requires no seals.
-While normally used as a supplement for hand to hand combat, this jutsu can be used to block against fire attacks.

(Shiroi Katon: Omokage Hirate)- White Fire: Face Palm
Type: Attack
Rank: A
Range: Short-Long
Chakra Cost: 60
Damage Points: 60
Description: The user focuses white fire chakra chakra into their legs giving the user a monsterous boost in speed. The user then rushes thier target and charges their hand with concentrated white fire. The user then grabs the targets face, severly injuring them and then smashes them into the ground or nearby wall. The user moves so fast, that they look like a blur.

(Shiroi Katon: shinseki ) White Fire: Imbuement
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary/Attack/Defense
Range: Short
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
Description: The user can channel and store white fire chakra throughout his body, which the user can release in a burst of explosive power to either increase the damage of a physical attack, make an explosive propelled movement, or defend from an incomming attack.
-This is used without handseals if the chakra is channeled during the use of another white fire technique, otherwise it requires the tiger seal.
-If channeled during the use of another white fire technique, the white fire technique in use loses one rank
-The chakra must be released at one time, but can be released at two different points of the body.
-May be used 3 times per battle.
-The chakra may be stored for up to 3 turns before it disperses.