Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Minnesota Vikings
2-4 5-2

Tonight we have my Minnesota Vikings playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I'm very excited for this game beacuse it's on national TV and well where I live I don't get Viking games.(I live I'm the Tampa Bay area, ironic huh?) Anyway let's break this down.

Minnesota Vikings
C. Ponder 152/227 1492 yds. 9 Tds 6Ints
A. Peterson 136 Carries 652 yds. 3Tds
P. Harvin 53 Rec 577 yds. 2 Tds

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
J. Freeman 104/187 1538 yds. 11Tds 5ints
D. Martin 100 carries 408 yds. 2Tds
V. Jackson 27 Rec 586 yds. 5Tds

Now on paper these teams look pretty even, and for the most part I agree both teams have great offense however defense wins games and well the Vikings have one of the best defense in the legue allowing only an average of 18 points a game. While the Bucs defense well isn't that good teams that the Bucs play light up the score board and they load up on stats Eli Manning had about 500 yds on this Bucs defense so if Ponder can stay consistent and not make mistakes I expect him to get about 310 yds. I'm sorry Bucs fans but your defense is gonna have a long night you're probably gonna double Percy which will leave room for Peterson, Rudolph or Simpson to make a play. I'm predicting a Viking win here. Now if the Buc defense plays just horrible and the Vikes defense play just as well as they have this one can get ugly but I predict a close game.
27-24 Vikings