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    Bartholomew Clan Application thread

    Sooo, I am going to accept 2, maybe 3 members if I will have good mood. So now for requirments

    One must be a member of Kirigakure to be a member of the Bartholomew clan, though they can leave Kirigakure and retain their clan membership, though he will be banished from the clan and will receive no further training in the ways of the Bartholomew, as well as having their Bartholomew bio hunted down by other Bartholomew clan members. (this doesn't apply to the ninja world it means in their history they must have been a part of kiri
    same as rain techniques; WHICH MEANS BIOS, NOT PEOPLE, BIOS)

    Obviously, the Bartholomew powers are a KG, so no canon-bios are allowed.

    One can also be banished from the clan by killing another member of the clan in an act of cold blood.

    There are no ranks but we have Levels of abilities, EVERYONE will start at level one, after you pass mission/test given to you by me, if i believe you are worthy, your level increases, these are the levels:

    Level one- unlocking the paws abilities
    Level two- more advanced jutsu
    Level 3- the ability to repel anything
    Bartholomew legend- ability to repel exhaustion and pain

    To apply you have to have to be at least S-Ranked Class, have at least 1 element mastered and started training in at least 4 out of all 5 Basic Elements.

    Application Form
    PHP Code:
    b]Battle of yours:[/b
    b]Bio you plan to make:[/b

    OH YEAH, applications will be closed at Thuesday 1st November 8:00 PM NB time that's all
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