Okay Im officially hooked on K!

K is about many characters.But it seems a young man named Shiro is the main protagonist atm.Shiro was caught on camera killing a member of Homura.A clan that deals with fire.So they are after him but Shiro says hes innocent and didnt do it.

Each clan has a "King"which is the leader of each clan.There are 7 Clans so far.

Homura:Homura is a clan that loves violence and deals with Fire.There King is Souh Mikoto.Hes in my ava and sig if you want to see him.

Scepter4:Is a clan that deals with lightning.They all have swords and is all polite and stuff.They rival the red clan.

The other clans have yet to be reaveled.

Then theres a man named Kuro who tries to kill Shiro because his former master who was the colorless king.

So far theres only 4 episodes.I suggest everyone checks it out!