This thread is about this guy:

His name is Yuukimaru.

He has a special power, the power to have a form of control,
on the 3-tails, Isobu.

Yuukimaru shows a striking resemblance with this guy:

They have the same color hair.
They same type of hair, only Yagura has it shorter than Yuukimaru.
They have the same purple eyes.
Both of them have controlling powers, for the 3-tails Isobu (who has
purple eyes as well btw).

Both of them, have a flower theme.
Yagura with the flower on his weapon.

Yuukimaru, and the Camelia.

and the Isobu, the 3-tails, has a flower theme as well.
It is coral.

Remember Gaara his father, talking about needing a child that is compatible for Shukaku?
The third child, Gaara, was the first compatible one.
Meaning Kankurou and Temari were not.
In Gaara's father and/or mother their family, apparently is a power, that makes one compatible with Shukaku.

I believe that Yagura and Yuukimaru, come from a family that has a similar connection to the 3-tails Isobu,
as Gaara's family has, with the 1-tails Shukaku.
I have considered bringing the Uzumaki into this thread, but that seems to be difficult (more or less no arguments exist for that, or I would have to say, the the red purplish eyes of Yuukimaru and Yagura, is the Uzumaki haircolor trait, but in their eyes instead of their hair or something and that the white camelia's turned red, cause of his mother's blood, but that doesnt really cut it tbh).

Yuukimaru and Yagura are probably closely related i think.
Maybe brothers even.

And to those who complain about Yuukimaru being an anime character, you can go suk ma balls. I didnt put it in the anime section for nothing :D.