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    Uchiha Reimu

    Reimu Uchiha

    "The Cycle of life ends at my Doorstep"

    Basic Information

    Name: Reimu Uchiha
    Nickname: Oni-Miko


    Dressed as a shrine maiden, Reimu Uchiha instantly looks attractive – a large red dress that looks absurd yet right at the same time, it creates a demanding presence. Reimu has short, very dark brown hair with a short, almost meaningless ponytail at the back, adorned with a giant red bow with white frills and patterns. The ponytail is on a joint, allowing for some motion, and even the ribbon can be moved independently. Her bangs have red and white scrunches. Uchiha Reimu’s top follows the style of her bow, albeit reversed, with the zig-zag pattern running atop the white instead of the red this time. A simple yellow bow hangs around her collar and the top itself is quite short, exposing her belly button.

    In her Oni-miko State she wears the Mask of a Demon which enhances her powers to the impossible.


    Uchiha Remui is commonly described as easygoing, curious, decently dutiful and optimistic—sometimes overly so. Her personality seems sympathetic toward many individuals; there are few people indeed who remain her rivals past which appear in her mind before she losses conciousness to her Demonic side.

    Since she believes that hard work pays off, she loves putting in a great amount of effort for something. As she has a simple and not double-sided personality, her human emotions are tempestuous, and she often has hasty conversations with angry words. She has a strange atmosphere that attracts others regardless of whether they are Human or Animal.

    She is also often depicted by many Clan members as Demon, as her home isn't visited by many. She is often been seen checking to see if there are any monetary offerings to her husband Madara, which she often end up disappointed.

    Village Information

    Village of Birth: Ancient Uchiha Village

    Village of Alliance: Uchiha Clan

    Chakra Information

    Ninja Rank: Sannin



    Background Information


    Before the era of ninja villages in her earlier Days, Reimu's limited spiritual abilities made her weak, to the point where she was unable to harm enemies directly at all.

    But as time went by, Under Her father's Surveillance she developed her abilities, becoming able to use the Yin-Yang Release, special Uchiha Kenjutsu, and her own limited spiritual chakra in order to fight enemies effectively. Eventually she also developed the ability to fly, which she previously relied on her turtle, Hipster Madara+, to do so.

    As Time went by Reimu became stronger and stronger, to the point that her father Has entrusted the village to her after his death. At the 18 Remui had life changing experince's that would alter her way as a shinobi for ever. On her 18th Birthday, After marrying her lover, Madara Uchiha, she settled down to become a housewife, raising their sons Hitachi and Gaysuke. Just before her best friend TouTou Uchiha gave birth, she met with her and introduced her youngest son Gaysuke. She agreed with TouTou's hopes that their sons would become best of friends. After Toutou asked whether or not childbirth was painful, Mima the village elder laughed, having found the one thing that Toutou was seemingly afraid of.

    During the Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha,Their older son Hitachi, at 9 years old noted that she and Madara were noticeably absent before the beast struck being that they were on one of their special missions in the family cabin. What they were doing is currently unknown.

    During the massacre of the clan when Hitachi confronted her and Madara, she was seen sitting beside her husband. When their son tried to explain himself, she simply told him that she understood before allowing a tearful Hitachi to kill them. This would later prompt Gaysuke to want to avenge her death along with the rest of the clan, or so they thought. In her dying state..she somehow managed to craw out of the distorted house, Making her way to a Nearby cave her Husband often time visited for Days.

    Soon After finding an entrance to the demon world in a cave, Reimu was forced to defeat the Guard Ninja Naruto Uzumaki. During their fight, already in a near death state Reimu unlocked the Mangeyko Sharingan which then later enabled her to find a direct route to Hell. Curious, she descended into Hell and fought a master swordsman named Konohamaru. Reimu again prevailed by momentarily burning her opponent with Amaterasu.



    Theme Song and Background Music:


    Won: N/a
    Lost: N/a

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