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    Ichigo's mom is a....

    QUINCY?! Wtf.. So Ichigo is part Quincy now? First he was a human, then he became a Shinigami, then he became a Vizard, then he became a human again, then he became Fullbringer, then he became a human again, then he became a Shinigami again and now he's a Shinigami/Quincy..... WOW Ichigo is the perfect example of that meme "They told me I could become anything,so I became a..."

    If you didn't understand what happened:
    • Basically while Ichigo was trapped in Kirge's prison, he was exposed to Kirge's Quincy reiatsu which awakened the dormant Quincy powers deep within his soul.
    • This is similar to how Gotei 13 poured their reiatsu in the Urahara's Glowing Sword and stabbed Ichigo with it to bring out the Shinigami powers deep within his soul.
    • The reason why Ichigo has both Shinigami and Quincy powers is because his dad, Isshin is a Shinigami and his mother, Masaki was apparently a Quincy.

    Now I have been reading Bleach since it came out and this information actually pieces together a lot of random dialogue and plot holes that have been making Bleach crap for the past 2 years or so.

    • If we go back to Aizen and Ichigo's fight (Ch. 398, P.4) Aizen says that he's known about Ichigo since he was born because he was the child of a Shinigami and Human and he has been pushing Ichigo to develop his power. When I read it, I wondered what was the significance. Other than Aizen being a creeper, we don't get much explanation as to why it's such a big deal. Aizen mentions that he sees Ichigo as an experiment and he wants him to develop. Aizen constantly mentioned that Ichigo has developed well but Ichigo still disappoints him. I didn't really understand why. What more could u expect from Ichigo? He reached his potential as a Shinigami and he even became a Vizard. However now that we know Ichigo is half Quincy, I think Aizen was trying to get Ichigo to awaken his Quincy powers and achieve some transcended Quincy/Shinigami form. That's why when Ichigo returned from the Dangai training Aizen said Ichigo failed to evolve.
    • I also now understand why Kubo chose to include the Final Getsuga Tensho and the Final Quincy Form. Of course they were cool power ups for Ichigo and Uryu, but what purpose does it serve to the story? Why do they have to lose their powers? They have never used those forms again and I don't think they are capable of it. I think those Final forms serve as a solution for Isshin and Masaki. Being Shinigami and Quincy I doubt they'd be able to be together. Especially with all the tension between the two races. So I think they used those forms to erase their powers, so they could be together and live as humans.
    • This also explains why Urahara asked Isshin if he was ok with giving Ichigo back his Shinigami powers. Urahara also says that Isshin would be taking Ichigo's future away. Since Masaki and Isshin simply want to live normal lives as humans, restoring Ichigo's powers takes that life away from him
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