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    Re: Does Naruto needs second element...

    He just needs more techniques. He basically doesn't have any. Not particularly a second element, he hasn't mastered his wind chakra yet.

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    Re: Does Naruto needs second element...

    Quote Originally Posted by SSJ4Naruto View Post
    Sasuke and Naruto when met at ORO's hideout, Sasuke showed how faster he is as compared to NAruto, Naruto was not even able to react. In Sage Mode of course Naruto will be faster than Sasuke, but not necessary.
    He needs something other than wind and sage mode with him...
    First, when they had that encounter, Naruto was still weakened from being in a 4-tailed Kyuubi mode. Regardless Sasuke was faster than him then anyway. Sasuke no longer has the curse mark or Orochimaru's white snake (Here I go again on my own). He basically traded that in for a MS.

    Speed and taijutsu I give to sage mode Naruto.

    Why does Naruto always need something new? He needed sage mode to defeat Pein (stated by Pa toad), but he's stronger than Sasuke right now (He needed wind and FRS for Sasuke), as Zetsu noted. The only thing we know he needs to gain is perfected sage mode (gathering chakra while moving) and some special jutsu with the Kyuubi to defeat Madara. Naruto tends to train to get stronger for a specific reason.

    Naruto is not big into handsigns, and I haven't seen a water jutsu without them. Giving him a kekkei genkei is too overpowered, and we tend to see them awoken well before now unless Itachi did something.

    Fire suits Naruto well because of his relation to the toads.

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    Re: Does Naruto needs second element...

    Actually everything is trash........
    There are only 4 elements of nature...........lightning is not an basic element
    in manga earth is weak against lightning, but in reality current is earthed. so earth should be strong against lightning.

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