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    Re: Is a man right if he hits a women?

    If you step like a Man, make sure you're able to get a beating like a man.
    I hate how you get called a bitch for beating up a girl, and get called a bitch for getting beat up by a girl.
    It's one or the other, FUCK it.
    It looks wrong all the way, but If It was in MY shoes, I wouldn't beat her that bad, I'd just hit her a couple times, and slam her. If she wants more, then I'll do it again. Like I said, I hate how you get called a bitch for beating a girl, and get called a bitch for getting hit by a girl.

    What's the girl being called for beating up a dude? She gets complemented and gets respected... Man, fuck that. :l

    If a girl wants to step to a man, then she gets treated as if it's a man stepping up to another man. I'm sorry, but it's only fair. It looks wrong to beat a girl. I think it's wrong, but I can't have a girl beat me up. I mean... You have to defend yourself. I don't like seeing girls think they're all that for fighting a dude that didn't fight back. :l

    In MY mind
    It's only wrong if you beat a girl for no reason, or if the girl didn't hit you at all and you start to beat her. Like that Video for example, terrible. I can hear the girl screaming, "Why?!" That's not cool at all. I would run up and Falcon Punch the shit out of that dude after he was done. What he did is only okay if the girl hit him first, and was beating the shit out of him. :l
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