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    Litchi Faye-Ling Uchiha

    Basic Information | 基本信息

    Name: Litchi Faye-Ling
    Nickname: Litchi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Clan: Uchiha

    Looks | 樣子:
    Litchi is a young beautiful, sexy adult woman with long black hair tied into a bun, red eyes, pink lipstick, glasses and big boobs. On top of her hair is her pet panda, Lao Jiu. She wears a stylish Chinese doctor uniform with long white sleeves, a yin and yang brooch ribbon, a red vest, and a skirt dress that exposes her thighs. When in battle, she wears a slightly similar outfit: her hair is tied into a ponytail with Lao Jiu sitting on top with a yin-yang hair accessory at the end of the ponytail. She also wears an unbuttoned red vest that shows her black bra and breasts with separate black sleeves, a long red skirt, and red shoes which are in a Chinese sort of style.

    Personality | 個性:
    Litchi, at first glance, can be perceived as the perfect woman - courteous, sexy, and intelligent. She is a kind person who is willing to help those in need. She is also a good friend to a lot of her friends and she is also sometimes like a mother figure.

    Village Info | 村信息
    Village of Birth: Konohagakure

    Village of Alliance: Amegakure

    Rank//Chakra Info | 排名//積分信息
    Ninja Rank: Sage (in posts)
    Specialty: Fire, Wind
    Wind Release MASTERED
    Fire Release MASTERED
    Water Release MASTERED
    Lightning Release MASTERED
    Earth Release MASTERED

    Your ninjutsu:
    Ninjutsu - COMPLETED
    Genjutsu – In training
    Taijutsu – COMPLETED
    Kenjutsu -COMPLETED
    Sharingan 2T – In training
    Peacocks – Owner
    Kite - Signer

    [Center]Background Info | 背景資料
    Litchi was born in Konohagakure with her mom, dad and her older brother. Her dad was a special ninja who was a great sensei while her mom was staying at home, pregnant with her unborn baby and Litchi when she was 4. Litchi’s brother, Nobuo, was always there for Litchi, even when she would have problems with kids around the neighborhood. One day, she went wandering through the woods and ended up meeting several ninja’s from another village. The men tried to attack her as she was running back towards her house but her father and brother jumped in and stopped them immediately. Litchi was amazed by what her father and brother could do and wanted to be just like them when she was older. Unfortunately, her father said that she can never become a ninja no matter what.

    Litchi had no idea why her father wouldn’t allow her to be a ninja. Her brother told her it was because he didn’t want to see his little girl get injured or found dead, but Litchi had a different thought but never really figured out what. When she turned 6, all her neighborhood friends went to the ninja academy while she stayed home with her mother and her baby sister, Maimi, learning how to be an ordinary girl without Ninjutsu or anything special. She hated the fact that she couldn’t be a ninja like her brother or her father and without a valid reason either. She spent her free time hanging out with a few of her other friends as well who didn’t want to go to the ninja academy. They all became great friends and she felt a little better with herself. When she finally turned 12, everything went downhill.

    One night when Litchi and her mom, dad, and sister were asleep, Nobuo came back from a really long mission in another village but only to realize what was happening to the people around the neighborhood. He saw several dead bodies lying in the street and they were all Uchiha’s. He quickly ran back to the house and woke up his sisters and told them to grab what they needed and run out of the village as fast as they can. Litchi was confused and didn’t know what was going on as she went to get some of her things along with Maimi. The two sisters ran out the back side of the house and towards the front gates of Konoha, wondering what that was all about.

    About a few minutes later, Litchi and Maimi were far away from the village gates and decided to stop for a while to catch their breath. Maimi then saw several leaves move around in the trees as they were taking their break and then a man in an Anbu mask jumped down from the tree and stabbed Maimi in the chest with his sword. 3 other men jumped down from the trees and surrounded Litchi and try to kill her but she ends up disarming a man with a sword and decapitating all of the men who attacked her and her sister. After killing the men, she fled away from the village, making sure nobody was following her.

    She wondered around the open spaces, looking for places to stay and to not be noticed by anyone from Konoha. She ran into a man with a red trench coat and blonde hair, Toku, who was coming back from visiting Konoha. She remembered seeing him around Konoha’s Town every once in a while. Litchi went up to the man and asked him if he was a ninja, with his response being a yes. She then thought for a minute and asked him to teach her the wind element, which she saw her brother doing from time to time in the family dojo. He agreed to teach her but he also had to get back to his village as well. Litchi asked what village he was heading towards and his response was Iwagakure. She asked him if she can join the village, as she needed a new place to be a part of. He agreed and they both set off for Iwa.

    It took a few days to get to Iwa and during that time she was learning her first element and was a pretty fast learner in her eyes. They finally reached the gates of Iwagakure and Toku told Litchi to go and meet the people within Iwa and get to know them. Litchi, being now 13, took up the opportunity and headed for the tavern that everyone hung out in. There she met a few people that she became friends with. She met a woman who was rambunctious named Kasha, a man who was great friends with Toku named Nagato.., a man who spent most of his time on the roof named Yard, and another newcomer to the village as well named Mathias. She also met a few other people like Hazama, Nemo, Dauri, Serpent and Scarface, who were all a part of the village. She liked the way the village was and how it was a new start for her.

    She got to know her new villagers well and later went on to master wind with Toku, who she later found out was the Tsuchikage. She felt she needed to learn more and to become better than she already thought she was. She one day asked Nagato.. to teach her fire, an element her father loved the most out of the 5 elements. She learned fire pretty quickly and felt like she was progressing more and more each day. Litchi then asked a man named Jinbei to help her activate her Sharingan, since she came from the Uchiha clan and how she learned most of her clan members could possess the Sharingan. He helped her out and nearly shocked her half to death. After she healed, she asked Jinbei to teach her lighting seeing as how she wanted to learn more elements as soon as she could. After learning fire, she went to ask a girl named Nemo to teach her Earth and a man named Yard to teach her water, but the training was a lot slower than she realized. Litchi then asked a new guy to the village named Howard to help her finish lighting, earth, and water.

    During her time in Iwa when she wasn’t training or getting shocked, she kept having visions in her sleep of what happened the night she left Konoha. She remembered seeing her brother wake her up to tell her to get going and how when she went out on the streets, how she saw the dead bodies of her clan on the ground. She remembered her sister’s face as they ran over the dead bodies to get out of Konoha. It horrified her every night and it would never leave her alone, no matter how hard she tried. She felt that there was nothing she could do to keep those thoughts away but leave and figure out why she kept thinking these things. She left iwa at the age of 23 and headed back to Konoha’s Town to figure out what was up.

    As she was heading back to Konoha’s Town, she found a small panda who was starving for food. As cute as the panda was, Litchi gave a piece of her bread that she was saving for her dinner that night to the panda. The baby panda was so happy that he jumped on her head and grabbed hold of her long black hair at the base of her head. The panda wouldn’t let go and stayed there for quite a while. She named him Lao Jiu and kept him as a pet as they headed towards Konoha’s Town.

    She finally reached the gates of Konohagakure and headed for Konoha’s Town, looking for anything she could find to figure out why she was having all of these strange dreams. She then ran into a man with a hood as she was looking around the place. Curious, she followed the man to his home, not far from the old Uchiha clan houses were. She finally went up to the man and was wondering who he was when she saw his face. He had a scar across both his eyes and he couldn’t see anything without squinting his eyes. It was her brother Nobuo.

    She asked him how he got out of the massacre and why he didn’t come and get her and her sister. He told Litchi that he went to go and wake up their mom and dad but they had both went missing. Desperate, he went out into the street and found them both dead at the front door. He went to go and find the person responsible but was too late. He was stabbed in the chest by the killer and then left for dead. He woke up the next morning and stumbled for a while until he fell off a cliff and cut his eyes completely, making him unrecognizable to a few people who came to help him out. He had spent his few years blind and living incognito. After hearing his story, Litchi promised that she wouldn’t do anything involving ninjas until her brother felt well than he already had.

    One year passed and Nobuo died of a bad eye infection, leaving Litchi to be the only member of her 5 member family alive. She felt sad and on her 24th birthday, she went to the bar and drank to her heart’s content. She then saw a flyer on the wall of the bar saying that people who were seeking a village were more than welcome to a new village called Amegakure. Litchi felt that leaving everything about her past behind and thought of thinking about her future instead. She spent the next 2 days traveling with her pet to Amegakure.

    When she finally got to the gates of Amegakure, she was greeted by the kage, Minato. She saw a bunch of new faces and new people like a man named Shinta, a man/woman named Korra, her old friends Yard and Howard from Iwa and a few other people that she got to know personally. Being in a new village gave her the opportunity to learn more things than just elements. She asked Gobi, a sensei and member of the village to teach her Ninjutsu, which he agreed to teach her. She then went and found a a man named Solf J. Kimblee to teach her Taijutsu. He gladly taught her Taijutsu and also asked Litchi if she also wanted to learn Kenjutsu as well. She loved the idea and quickly learned Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Kenjutsu with her two teachers.

    After a while of being the only girl in the village so far, Nemo, her former teacher from Iwa, joined Ame and then later Sublime and Vexx joined as well. The village was not only gaining members, but also losing some members as well. Finally after a few months of being in charge, Minato stepped down and let Gobi be the kage instead. All seems good now, but what lies ahead for Litchi as she continues on to be the best she can be.

    Other | 其他
    Custom Weapon:
    (Yoruyonaka Kaze) Midnight Wind
    Type: Weapon
    Rank: A
    Range: Short
    Chakra: N/A
    Damage: N/A
    Description: This sword was made by ancient samurai's long ago. It was made and crafted at midnight for several years. Because it was made at midnight, the design on the sword shows a stary night sky but has no effect to what the sword can really do. The sword can only use A rank wind and lower by sending their wind into the sword. The sword cannot use most of the techniques that require releasing wind chakra through the mouth, but can use techniques that releases wind chakra thorough the hands. meaning that the sword can only use wind techniques that require the use of hands. The user infuses their wind chakra into the sword to preform wind techniques with a valid reason.
    -Can only be used by Sindy

    Pictures | 圖片:

    Theme Song and Background Music | 主題曲和背景音樂:

    Battles | 戰役
    Won: 0
    Lost: 0

    Dropping Paine Uchiha Bio

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