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    Obito & The U

    *Sorry if this has been made before, I didn't find anything on it in the Advanced Search. Also, if you're not far into the manga, this might be a spoiler.*

    Alright, so we all know that Obito is Tobi, and we know that Obito was the one that met with Kisame and Itachi. So, during the massacre, did Obito kill his parents? Or did he let Itachi do it? He sort of seems like a douche (Idk if he's an orphan, doubt it) if he did He also doesn't seem like the guy to feel remorse (After he becomes Tobi) when he kills someone. So idk.. Any thoughts?

    Just something random I thought about.

    Should say "Obito and the Uchiha Massacre".. Idk what's wrong.
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