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    Let's talk bout Soul eater's 101-103 chaps

    Hohoho! As a big fan of Soul eater, I desire to discuss the last three chaps...
    I hadn't read them till tonight cause I was feeling very teased by each they were too short >.> and too slow... So I read them in a row, and it was ok
    Chapter 101 was just to know if the witches would came to do the job :1
    Chapter 102 was to eradicate that annoying clowns (it was gud).
    Chapter 103 kishin finally reappears...but does nothing interesting but to meet Sid and co. plus Crona. :[
    I feel like Ookubo is teasing us way too much...
    But hey! I loved those mad illustrations!

    ho! Maka looks really boss just smashing that eye like that...^^

    Emmm *-* Right now the only mystery is why the fuk the index wants to join brew with the kishin...As well as these questions:
    Will Medusa's experiment success?
    What will happen to Sid and co.?
    How will the Spartoi defeat the kishin?
    Throw your predictions (becuase I don't have any ^^).
    Also, share your thoughts!

    I thought some 1 would peek this thread before I went to bed...I know there very little fans of SE on da base, but
    Oh-well! I hope tomorrow there will be something to read
    I'm outta here!
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