- Rei's R&R
- Killing and Stealing: Allowed
- CJs: Allowed
- CEs: Allowed
- Range: Mid-range
- Terrain: Plain field without a water source.
- Each fight needs to finish in 7 days, upon which they'll be closed and graded by RP mods
- Arguments are to be done exclusively through VM (not PM or MSN). Moderators opinions can only be asked twice per match. If a member needs to ask for a moderators input, he/she must do so through Gobi Gobletsson, and not directly to the Moderators.

I will be using my Hawke biography.
Wearing my Custom Armor and carrying Fenris in a bag strapped to my back.

(Tetsujō) Razor Wire
Rank: S
Type: Armor
Range: N/A
Chakra cost: N/A
Damage points: N/A
Description: Tetsujō is a sentient, tight-fitting bodysuit that encases the wielder's upper body like a second layer of skin. Similar to Samehada in terms of function, Tetsujō shares a semi-symbiotic bond with its wielder, constantly absorbing his/her chakra, be it normal or abnormal, in order to remain sentient and functional. The main characteristic of Tetsujō is its ability to change the chakra signature of everything it absorbs. Through miniscule vibrations and fluctuations, the suit changes the signature of all the chakra it absorbs and injects it back into the user’s chakra pathway system in almost constant bursts. Normally, foreign chakra would disturb and disrupt the chakra pathways, but through the symbiotic bond the armor and its wielder shares, Tetsujō is able to function as a purifier of sorts, guiding the wielder's body through an almost instant process of adaption, though still altering its wielder's chakra flow. With its incredible ability to evolve, Tetsujō is also able to perform this process on unusual types of chakra. This constant process of change and evolution also serves to gradually, but continuously, change the wielder's chakra signature on a fundamental level. Generally, Tetsujō will render illusionists unable to use dual-layered illusions on its wielder. Furthermore, Tetsujō makes the user’s constantly changing chakra impossible to mimic. Through its continuous changing of the user’s chakra signature, Tetsujō also decreases the rank of all Genjutsu Techniques cast on its wielder by one rank. Finally, Tetsujō is able to harshly constrict itself around its wielder’s body for a short amount of time.
If anyone but the wielder touches Tetsujō, the suit releases a harmful burst of chakra into the perpetrators chakra pathway system, ruining his/her balance and equilibrium for a short amount of time.
With the ability to absorb its wielder's chakra, Tetsujō is able to repair itself, making it very hard to remove from the user's body.
-Tetsujō cannot decrease the rank of a Mangekyō Sharingan Genjutsu.
-Because of the fluctuations Tetsujō constantly causes, all Genjutsu techniques used by the wielder loses one rank in terms of strength.

Post your biography and I'll make the first move. Agreed?
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On a more personal note; it's an honor. We've both achieved quite something in this Tournament. I've never reached the finals before; not even close. Say whatever you want, NB; I've spent two years of my life on this site and I'm proud as hell to have come this far.
Well, McRazor; meet Razor Wire. He's half you and half wire. He's also Half-ALife. Wait, what?
Each of us knows what the other wants. There should be nothing to compete for, except the honor of automatically beating Mugi when the win is announced

Now, let me drown you in trash, bub.