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    The End is Near Chapter 3- Weapons of Mass Desruction

    The End is Near Chapter 3- Weapons of Mass Desruction!

    Hello my peeps I'm back with the next chapter to Zambies series hope you all enjoy

    Characters and Past Chapters

    Theme Song

    Eric and Reggie get ready to set out for the weapons down at the Military base.

    "Eric hold on, I gotta talk to Jess."

    "Alright man I'll talk to Brittney for a while to then, let's make it quick.."

    Reggie nods and then walks over to his wife, who is still upset. Reggie gently carreses Jessica's hair.

    "Hey babe I'm going out, and well I'm going to be honest I don't know how long it's gonna take, but I will be back."

    Jessica just keeps her head down not looking at Reggie nor saying a single word.

    "I want you to use this but only if you have to."

    Reggie pulls out the 9mm HKUSP. Jessica eyes open wide in terror.

    "How long have you had this?" Jessica whispered.

    "I'm not sure for a while." Reggie answered.

    "why haven't you told me before?" Jessica asked.

    "Never had to, but you see that's besides the point right now. Look here this is the safety. Never ever pull this unless your're gonna kill." Reggie instructed.

    "Babe I grew up in Texas I know a thing or two about guns if anything I should be teaching you, northern boy." Jessica teased.

    "I'm just want to make sure you remembered." Reggie chucked a bit as he said that.

    "You're giving me this gun. What are going use out there?"

    "I'll show you, follow me."

    Reggie leads her downstairs towards the closet and opens it.

    "I'm going to use this lil baby right here she's been couped up in here since James was born."

    "I actually forgot we had that."

    "Yeah, and remember what you said when I bought it?"

    "No, and I don't want to so don't say a word."

    Reggie laughed he knew his wife remembered. Reggie pulled out the Katuna out of its case, expecting the sword making sure it wasn't dull.

    It was good to go.

    "Ok let's go back upstairs, Eric's waiting." He said.

    "Ok." She responded.

    Reggie put the Katana back into its holding and strapped it onto his back. The couple make their way back upstairs.

    "Reggie my man what took you so long?" Eric asked sarcastically.

    "What you talkin' I wasn't even gon' foe five minutes." Reggie replied.

    "You ready?" Eric asked seriously this time.

    "Yeah let's go." Reggie replied.

    Eric and Reggie walk towards to door, Derrick follows.

    "Reggie I know it's kind of late but can I go?" Derrick asked.

    "Nah bro not this time I need you here to protect the ladies, if anything goes down use my cross boy there are extra arrows down stairs in the closet just ask Jess if you can't find them." Reggie explained.

    "Alright man thanks."

    "No problem oh and one more thing, if anything and I mean anything happens to Jess you gotta deal with me not the Walkers. Oh and of anything happens to Brittney well you don't even wanna know what Eric would do to you." Reggie warned.

    "Got it thanks." Derrick said as he swallowed hard.

    Eric and Reggie exited the house. They entered the neighborhood.......the "dead"neighborhood. They jumped into Eric jeep and headed towards the base.....every neighbor hood was "dead"

    "Eric I don't like this where are those things?"

    "Dude man I don't know but we should take advantage of this while we can."

    "It's weird man these thing aren't illtelligent are they?"

    "No man you know that. The go after fresh meat. You know this, don't tell me you forgot."

    "Look Man I'm just asking you know I've been out of the game for a while. Y'all had time to do all the freaky testing...however since they go after the fresh blood that means that there sombodies alive a lot of people if there all gone."

    "Where alive."

    "You don't know that."

    "Dude if they aren't military like us odds are there not alive."

    "But by now people would know how to protect themselves."

    "Reggie I hope to god you're right."

    "Take the long way around I have a bad feeling about the city."

    "Ah stuck to the country I see alrighty then we'll take the long way."

    Eric avoided the city, par Reggie's request. The two has simple conversation catching up with each other. They encountered a very small amount of walkers, which they every sped past or ran over. It took about an hor before the reached the base which seemed untouched.

    "Ok let's do it." Reggie said as he got out.

    "Reggie hold on. You hear that?" Eric asked as he whispered.

    Reggie paused and listened. He heard some grunting it sounded like a man, trying to get at something.
    Reggie and Eric walked slowly towards the gate. The former partners made eye contact and a couple of hand signals as of they were on a mission.
    Reggie's peeked over the wall.

    "It's a Stang." Reggie whispered.

    "A what?" Eric asked.

    A Stang, a Red Mustang." Reggie explained.

    Reggie quietly drew his Katana....he made hand signs to Eric. Eric was to stay close whike Reggie slowly crept over to the Mustang.
    Reggie made his way to the Mustang.

    "Clear." Reggie said so his partner knew there was no threat.

    "Clear? What about that grunting it stopped what was that."

    Reggie pointed to a set of feet running along a trailer.

    "Ah I see you take north i take south. On three ok." Eric said.

    "Got it."

    The two man scatter in towards there degisnated directions.


    "Jaaaaamesssss waaaake up James." A mysterious voice called out.

    "Who who are you?" James asked.

    James was in a dark room expect for the lone lamp at the end of the room. He couldn't see where exactly he was or who he was talking to. All he could feel was the bed he was tied up to.

    "Don't worry James better here than outthere."

    "What are you talking about? I want Mommy I want Daddy." James said as he started to cry.

    "All in due time James all in due time." The mysterious man then broke to a menacing laughter.


    The two men were at the north and south end of the trailer. They both looked back at each other and then noded at each other they were about to make there move.
    Reggie had his Katana drawn.
    Eric had his silent pistol ready.
    The men knew that they would go on a 3 count.


    The two men reveled them selves to the base's intruder.

    "Ah!" The intruder screamed.

    Eric and Reggie put away there weapons in relief as they realized the intruder was a human.

    "Sorry for the scare man we thought you might be one of them. My name is Reggie and that's Eric. What's your name."

    The intruder was quiet.

    "C'mon you can tell us we're nice people. We're just trying to survive just like you."

    R-R-Randell. My name is Randell."

    "Ok Randell now I ask you why are you here? I assume weapons."

    Randell noded.

    "Well guess what you ain't gettin none without the codes and there's only one person in the city who knows em."

    "Reggie stop playing around let's get the weapons and go."

    "Alright Eric."

    Reggie and Eric went towards the corridor of weapons. While Randell stayed put watching them. The former seals kept an eye on him.

    "Something about this guy Reggie I don't like he doesn't give off the right vibe."

    "You too huh? I feel as if he knows something we don't....let's keep an eye on him....there's the corridor. Watch my back and keep an eye on that guy we don't wanna lose him."

    Reggie headed towards the corridor of weapons just hoping it wasn't cleaned.
    He put in the code 24531.
    Jackpot the corridor was untouched.

    "Eric!!!!! We're in business!" He yelled out.

    Randell heard that and he headed towards Eric and Reggie.
    Reggie went down in the corridor to start stocking up on weapons.

    "Um uh mind if I come with you guys? After my group got attacked I've been alone."

    "Sure look just stay out here and watch our backs while we stock up." Eric said as he handed Randell his pistol.
    "You know how to use that?"

    Randell noded.

    Eric headed down the corridor to meet up with Reggie.

    "What the hell? I thought you were standing the watch." Reggie asked.

    "The kids doing it he'll be coming with us."

    "Why? I mean I'm no trying to sound mean but we keep this up we won't have enough food."

    "It's ok man me and Britney stocked up before this all happened we can go to my house and get them."

    "No we are not going tonight! Your jeep is running low and we don't know if there are any gas stations around here acting properly."

    Eric points to Gas tins in the corner of the room.

    "Well still no we're not going tonight."

    "Fine we'll go tomarrow."

    "Still won't work we're looking for James tomarrow."

    "We'll think of something but for now let's stock these bags up."

    "Yeah let's do that."

    "Um guys I don't mean to rush you but you might wanna hurry it's starting to get probabmatic." Randell called.

    "That Can't be good." Eric said as he peeked out of the corridor.

    "Oh shiiiii......Reggie toss me an automatic."

    " Dammit is it that bad? Here!" Reggie said as he gave his friend an M60.

    "Thanks. Kid move!" Eric yelled at Randell. Randell got away from the line of fire quickly.

    Randell then called down at Reggie.
    "Hey Reggie can I get me a gun as well."

    "I'm already on it here you go kid."
    Reggie handed Randell a M249.

    Randell then started helping Eric pick the Zombies off.

    "Guys we need to move I got all the weapons I can carrie we need to get out of here." Reggie yelled.

    Randell and Eric reacted without a word the two still fired knocking the zombies off as Reggie walked slowly behind carrying four bags. 2 were in his hand, while 2 were under his shoulders. As he was walking Reggie noticed the Carnage on the battle field Zombies where everywhere some alive some dead.

    "Where did these things come from?" Reggie's asked.

    "U don't know man but that's not what I'm worried about, I'm more worried on how we're gonna get of her it's a god damn hoard!!"

    Reggie looked towards the gate and saw what Eric was talking about there was no way out.

    "Dammit where done for!" Randell said.

    "No where not! At ease boys." Reggies said as he pulled something out of one the bags.
    "Stay down." Reggie said as he threw a grande.

    The grande landed perfectly right in the middle of the hoard. The three men got down low, waiting for it to detonate.

    "Boom." Reggie said.

    At that moment the grenade went off and there were body parts everywhere. Arms, legs, torsos, heads, even Enternal organs were scattered about.

    "Let's go guys let's take advantage of this while we can guys let's get out of here. Randell follow us." Eric instructed.

    The men got into there respective vehicles and left the base. Randell followed closely behind Eric and Reggie. Again the men avoided the city. By time they got back into the Reggie's area it would be night.


    "Oh my God. Where are the boys they've been gone for hours now. You don't think?"

    "Jessica calm down nothing happend our boys are Navy Seals whatever happened I'm sure they handled and that's asuming something even happend. For all we know there clearing that base out off all the weapon."

    "Brittney I know you mean well but I have a bad feeling and I can't shake it off." Jessica said as she looked out the window.

    "Jessica Reggie doesn't want you by the windows it's not safe." Derick said.

    "I'm sorry but thos things are starting to fill the streets again I'm afraid for them."

    "Jessica calm down honey the boys will be fine trust me." Britney reassured.

    "I hope so Brittz I hope so." Jessica replied.


    Eric finally arrived in Reggie's area.

    "Shit this isn't good." Reggie said as he looked on.

    Zombies filled the streets.

    "Just drive man has need to get home to the girls." Reggie said.

    Eric contined driving just like Reggie requested. Only stopped when he saw the horror that was in front of Reggie's house.

    "No No No No No No No No No!!!!!!" Reggie yelled at himself after seeing the horrid site.

    There were Zombies surrounding his house trying to get in.

    Reggie snapped. He immediately got out of Eric's jeep drew his Jatan and started slashing! Reggie was a man possessed he was citing zombies open from the stomach forgetting the conventional way to kill them. Reggie was out for blood. Reggie sliced diced he did it all and he wouldnt stop until he was finally surrounded.
    Even though Reggie was surrounded he didn't break a sweat at all.

    "Should we help him?" Randell asked.

    "No, Reggie has this." Eric said.

    The Zombies closed in on Reggie. He was in between of flesh eating Zombies. It appeared to be over for Reggie.
    At the moment the Zombies closed in on him Jessica came running out of the house crying attempting to shoot the gun, she left the safety on and Brittney pulled her back. Eric and Randell ran into the house.
    They all looked out the window at what appeared to be a heroic sacrifice by Reggie.
    Then in a moment that only took second s but felt like hours the Zombies bodies fell back one by one.
    Reggie has low like a samurai after defeating an enemy his eyes were blood shoot he had blood all over his face his sword his clothing.....everything.

    Sorry I couldn't get that one to work properly so I give you this link. This is what Reggie looks like after his battle. Expect he's black and his eyes are blood shoot, lol. Well I just hopes that helps you visualize what Reggie had looked like.

    Jessica runs out of the house to hug her husband.
    Reggie collapses.
    Eric and Derick come out to help Reggie in the house.

    "What what's wrong with him?" Jessica asked.

    Eric and Derrick brought Reggie upstairs so he can sleep in his own bed.

    "He's exhausted. He gave it his all to protect us and you let him rest." Eric said.

    Jessica although wouldn't leave she stayed by her husband. Stayed at his side. She kissed is lips and then drifted off to sleep.

    The End.

    Author's Notes
    Hey guys I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I know this one is longer than ussally but ey that what I was going for, hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

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    Re: The End is Near Chapter 3- Weapons of Mass Desruction

    It was a chapter full of Suspense!!!!!

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    Re: The End is Near Chapter 3- Weapons of Mass Desruction

    My favorite cousin always puts out some great chapters.
    There were errors here and there but that's expected :y.
    I'm stilling willing to proof read if you need sombody to do that for you.

    So yeah it's official Reggie's pshyco!
    Anyway cuz keep up the good work. I can't wait till your next chapter.

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    Re: The End is Near Chapter 3- Weapons of Mass Desruction

    Quote Originally Posted by Uxellius View Post
    It was a chapter full of Suspense!!!!!
    Thanks man I'll make sure to keep it up.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackMomba View Post
    My favorite cousin always puts out some great chapters.
    There were errors here and there but that's expected :y.
    I'm stilling willing to proof read if you need sombody to do that for you.

    So yeah it's official Reggie's pshyco!
    Anyway cuz keep up the good work. I can't wait till your next chapter.

    What do you mean that's expected
    No you can't proof read!
    Reggie Pshyco!? Noooooooo he just has problem up the in the head
    Thanks Casey and ill keep you updated.

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