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    Eating Canium: La chasse est ouverte

    La chasse est ouverte

    I ran my shaky fingers over the leather wheel as Louvel stalked toward my car, fingers locked around the door handle. My best friend… a Cannibal? The one who had eaten chicken, baroque, and even salads with me so many times was the same person who ate people. He slid into the seat next to me, and I flinched when his rough fingers glazed over mine.
    “Cossette…” His voice sounded hurt but I turned my head away. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I’m sorry I invited you, and I’m sorry I even hinted you that I was a Cannibal-“ He sucked for a breath to continue, but I stopped him, still avoiding eye contact.
    “Louvel…” My voice sounded weak and thin, like a small girl. “I want a Red Rose salad please.” I shuddered.
    In synch, Louvel and I said “Soaked in Ranch.” Louvel and I both managed strained smiles, and he slid out of the car, joining his bloodied friends.
    I watched him leave then turned my head to watch his deadly friends. As soon as their attention faded from me, I jabbed the key into ignition and pulled out, my wheels screeching. I couldn’t tear my gaze away from the clear view I had of his Cannibal friends. One of them with the blonde hair ran after me, and another one with dark brown hair ran into the café to alert Louvel, who ran out and angrily screamed some words and punched the wall.
    Halloween sucks when you just found out your best friend is a Cannibal- the group of killers who eat people in the Medievals.
    I gasped when I came to realization. Miss Revour was a Medieval?! How could that be possible that my Social Studies teacher was a Medieval since I heard they were in total isolation? This story was about to get entirely different. It had to.
    “Cossette, hurry!” My little step sister, Avril, called from afar, and I ran to her in her little princess costume. After the past hour of simply going to people’s house and robbing them of candy, my little red-headed princess was hyped up on a sugar rush. After the first block I was ready to go, but she pushed me through three more and at least 4 pounds.
    “O-On my way. “ I ran in my stilettos that completed my sexy devil outfit to my little energetic sister. As her tiny fist pounded on the white door, a teenager boy opened the door. He had dark black hair and also shining blue eyes with just a hint of Christmas green. His pale face was obviously some makeup, because the shade of his neck had been dark tan. He had fake blood splattered on his face that looked so realistic I had to stifle a shudder.
    “Trick or treat!” Avril raised her large shopping bag up to him, grinning like a fool. He smiled and slyly slid his silver clawed hand into the small sized bucket of candy. The hand slowly slid out and sprinkled the yummy treats.
    I gave him a smile once Avril ran off to the next house. Our eyes locked for a brief moment, and I caught something unique in them…like a tiger vibe. I shook it off and stumbled over to Avril’s destination.
    I felt his eyes bore into my back (maybe my miniskirt) as I was tempted not to look back at him. My expert hearing heard his door shut and lock, but somehow he was still watching me.

    The boy let go of his curtain as the sexy girl disappeared from his site. He plopped on his polyester couch and pulled out his phone, dialing a number. The cracky voice on the other line started yelling at him. The boy just stood there, not saying a word until he silenced.
    “Monsieur, our target- Cossette Chasse- has been spotted. In a devil suit with a little red-headed girl in a princess dress.” He listened in the silent house. “Yes sir. I will hunt her down. La chasse est ouverte.” With his French, he then pressed the end call button.

    **La chasse est ouverte= the hunt is on.
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    Re: Eating Canium: La chasse est ouverte

    Simply amazing, looking forward to more. :D

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