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    possible scenario

    but probably unlikely. in the fight with Obito, Kakashi and Guy. Kakashi will most likely come to exhaustion for over use of kamui. Guy and Kaskashi are backed up and begin to devise a plan. Kakashi says he most likely can only perform 2 more kamui's and have a narrow shot of their plan succeeding. the plan is to try and snatch Obito's right eye and seal him in Kakashi's kamui. Guy knows he cant do it with his 6th or even 7th gate so he pushes for his 8th knowing that he can die, turns back and looks at Kakashi with his hero pose. rushes towards Obito launching a fury of taijutsu. during this exchange he manages to snatch Obito's right eye. kakashi seals him with his kamui. Guy collapses, Kakashi goes to his side. Guy calls Kakashi his rival but most importantly his brother. kakashi removes his left eye and crushes it.

    Guy and Kakashi couldnt kill their old friend and comrade

    obviously Kakashi would have gotten him with his last attempt with the Kamui and battle will be better i just wanted to get straight to the point and left out a little

    and to people who think Obito is gonna magically become good and fight Madara, its not going to happen, he's killed and helped killed a long list of shinobi, brought all the lands to war. he might attempt to betray Madara but for his own gain
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    Re: possible scenario

    If you think this is gna happen u gta fkn problem ~
    If you think obitos gna be a hero u gta fkn problem ~
    If u dont respect this guy you gta fkn problem ~
    So i guess i gta fkn problem ~

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    Re: possible scenario

    Oh u made a good thread.but obito got rinnegan too.did that rinnegan come to no use??? Haa tell me.

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