Basic Information

Looks:Yui has long, pink hair with two bunches tied up with dark red laces, and two twintails on the sides of her face, but held together by small cross-shaped barrettes. She wears the same uniform as Yuri and the other girls although her shirt seems to be small enough to see her belly, and apart from regular socks she uses stockings. Though they don't seem to be in use, she also wears garters on each thigh.

On her wrists she sports single handcuffs with few slabs remaining on each. She wears wings that are hidden behind her hair. Another particular trait of her is her "demon tail" which seems to twitch and move whenever she is excited, happy, or emotional in any way

Personality:She is known to be hyperactive and talks extremely fast. Even within the members of the villagers,she comes off as very excited and loud. She recently became friends with Otonashi and Hinata. Also, despite acting childish sometimes, she can also be rude to her colleagues, although jokingly, as she sometimes throws trashtalk to Hinata and the others. She told the other members of her squad that they're "morons". She admits that she admires Hisako, because of her 'murderous' guitar riffs.

Village Info.
Village of Birth:Kumogakure
Village of Alliance:Kumogakure

Rank//Chakra Info.
Ninja Rank:
Elements:Basic 5+Storm+Rain(D-Rank)
Your ninjutsu:
Summon: White Lions
Kaito Taijutsu:C-Rank
Reaper Scythe Arts:Completed
Champloo Kendo:In Training
Satan's Flame:Creator
Tegatana Way:In training

Background Info.
History:Yui,a very young girl born in the Land of Lighting to proud members off the Ranton Clan,however her mother lost her life during birth thus make her father sorrow.Yui was raised by her dad till she was about 4 years old,when her father died in an attempt to stop the 8th tails during its rampage.Lost and helpless Yui was put into foster care till she was old enough to be on her own.Rasied an orphan she didnt know much about her parents and about the Land.Later a stranger by the name of Akiza adopted her as her foster sister,later leaving Kumo at age 5 towards Hidden Leaf.Once at the new village she learnt about her clan's hidden kekkai genkai and was taught to use it well combining her Water and Lighting togther to create Ranton.Yui was then put into the care of Konoha's librarian and became in love with reading and writing.She enrolled to Leaf's Ninja Acadamey passing with the higest grades all year and even higher than most Jounin.By age 7 Yui has read every book in the Library amazed her foster mother to get even more books for her to read and learn more about.Studying histories of all the lands,maps,timeline and stories even cracking some off the most hardest riddles ever,Yui was always a source to find information from.By age 10 she was the youngest and smartest Chunin in leaf,though she prepered being in the background creating battle plans instead.During her Jounin exams she meet her foster sister Akiza yet again,telling her how much she grew up but a confused Yui wonders about there history,Akiza telling her "You know alot but yet you can even remember me..".Yui graduated into a Jounin at age 15,being the smartest Jounin in the village ever.Now
knowing her own history Yui dosnet intend on trying to find out more as she was raised in a better place.People even considered her a Sannin but she finds it irrelevent as she was not strong compared to the original 3 but later knew what they meant being she is the one of the best of the best in leaf even close to Hokage level.Yui at age 16 resides in hidden leaf still training in hand to hand combat and working on her Affinity of Water.

After a few months of training in Amegakure with her sister Yui learnt to manipulate the Rain Element and still in practice as we speak,but Yui is planning on returning to Kumogakure as soon as she is finished her training.

Water Affinity
Yui has trained hard in water element that she eventually mastered it and can perform water jutsu using only one seal.

Taijutsu Specialist
Yui has trained alot in Taijutsu that she became very toned to hand to hand combat and can actually think and react swiftly in the heat of the battle.

Lighting Affinity
Due to her Kekkai Genkai being made up of Lighting too Yui as done training and is able to perform lighting jutsus faster than most shinobi.


Theme Song and Background Music: