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    Naruto's ending

    This is my first post on here even though I've been lurking on here as a guest for awhile, and I just wanted to share my thoughts and hear what you guys think about Naruto's ending.

    So throughout the Manga there have been people who have resembled Naruto including: Gaara, Konohamaru, Dan, Nawaki, Jiraiya, B, Obito. The thing I can't get over is how all of them seem to have suffered way more tragedy than Naruto, maybe with the exception of Jiraiya whose only real tragedy was dying with his dream to bring world peace unfulfilled and failing to stop Oro. Throughout the Manga we have also seen Naruto as an inspirational force that works against the tragic forces in peoples' lives which causes them to believe in humanity again.

    My question for the Manga is where to go forward; would you rather see Naruto

    a) fail like many of the people who mirror him and have Naruto end up being an extended commentary on the tragic nature of the human condition?
    b) have Naruto break the cycle of hatred and prove that the human spirit can overcome all of life's obstacles if we choose to believe in something bigger than ourselves, or to put in another way, believe in humanity's goodness through forging bonds with others?

    Choice A is clearly more realist and all of the best novels I've ever read have centered on this kind of tragic fight against a brute fact of reality. Whereas choice B is clearly more indicative of the way that Naruto has gone so far, and has really been the side of the manga I've enjoyed more. I think the anime really does a good job of capturing the raw power of emotion and Naruto's true power to get people to believe in him which Kakashi told to Chiyo especially in certain scenes such as Zabuza/Haku's death and Jiraiya's death.

    So which way would you like Kishi to frame the relevance of Naruto? Either a darker version about the essence of the human condition or the power of people to control their own destiny and inspire others if they believe in themselves? I ask because it's really close for me, but I'm almost rooting for Naruto's death with an unrealized dream because it would add a much deeper level to the manga, and make it more realistic without really detracting from the overall message. Thoughts? :D
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