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    ATTENTION- How to avoid thread deletion and infractions.
    Why was my thread deleted
    I accidentally posted threads in the wrong section.
    I made a mistake in the title/poll

    Help us in keeping the section organised

    * Do not post topics unrelated to Naruto manga or anime in here. We have many different sections and forums like Anime, Manga & Comics discussions (other than Naruto related forums) Chatterbox for random chat and so on.

    * Do not create duplicate or similar threads, when another one is still active. Take a look at the first few pages at least before making a new one. We don't need a dozen different threads to discuss if Naruto is more over powered than Sasuke.

    * Use the sticky threads. For example If you are just wondering about some little a thing, for example "Where was Tsunde at the time of Kyuubi attack on Konoha" we have a sticky thread for it. There is no need to create a new thread for a simple question or a random one line opinion where really nothing to discuss.

    *Remember versus threads have their own sub forum, Versus Colosseum, and Rules. Also if you are making a VS thread and cannot come up to say anything more than"Title" or put two characters randomly without any real input in don't complain if it's deleted.

    * When quoting someone, if you're quoting a long post or putting large images and links which stretch the page, please wrap spoiler tags around the quote or such images. Such posts and images stretch out pages unnecessarily and make it difficult to read actual content of the thread.

    * Do not post links from another manga/anime website similar to NarutoBase for citations. It's considered advertising. Use NB links instead.

    * Do not post meme or other image replies or make meme threads in here. There is a Chatterbox forum for such off topic or random threads.

    * If there are some new members breaking the Global Forum Rules, please remind them of the rules, and direct them to this thread.

    * Using report button: In case of rule breaking, troublesome posts or for any kind of help with your thread use the report button please. Mods can move it to correct section, edit the title and polls, close threads etc for you.

    * Do not feed the trolls. Please refrain from replying in obvious troll threads. Report it and let it die till a mod comes and takes care off it.

    Some other helpful links (which people keep missing ):

    NarutoBase FAQs

    If you still cannot find information you are looking or have a suggestion about the site please ask here:

    Questions and Suggestions
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