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    Origin of Thoughts for Fourth Great Ninja War in the Manga

    Everyone there, The third Movie of Naruto Shippuden (English Dubbed) has recently released. I downloaded it and was watching at the moment when I made this thread.

    I am sure that the idea for Fourth Great Ninja War was never expected in the Manga by all the Naruto Fans until the Five Kage Summit i.e.; Manga 457 : The Meeting of the Five Kages Begin (release date : 1st August 2009)
    At the end of this meeting and those chaos Sasuke did, Tobi announced the Fourth Great Ninja War on all the Five Great Nations.

    But Masashi Kishimoto gave a hint about this along with the chapter's release(457) through the movie Naruto Shippuden : Inheritors of the Will of Fire.(Original release : 1st August 2009)

    Everyone used to think that these movies are totally different from what the manga shows. But that's not true to some extent.
    Now what I wanted to say is that the movie projects its main motto on the attack on the Kekkei Genkai shinobis by Hiruko (the main villain in that movie). He captured four shinobis from each Nation and the fifth one was Kakashi from Leaf.
    The focus on Kakashi was made purposely. There is also a reason behind this.
    After capturing four Kekkei Genkai Shinobis, Hiruko announces Fourth Great Ninja War on the Five Great Nations. Similarly, Tobi announces Fourth Ninja World War.

    In the manga, we saw the never before seen shinobis when Kabuto used the Edo Tensei Jutsu. Some of them were

    Pakura of the Scorch Style(from Hidden sand),Gari of the Explosive style(from Hidden stone),

    Chuukichi from the Mist and

    Toroi of the Jiton(power to control Magnetic Force)(from Hidden cloud).

    In the movie, these four were the ones who were attacked by Hiruko's subordinates.


    The image of Toroi somewhat matches with this guy from his hairstyle, the scarf and the clothes(only different colors)

    The reason why Kakashi was chosen to be the fifth victim, was that he had a Sharingan of Obito. Along with that in the movie, Kakashi compares Naruto with Obito twice i.e.; in the start and in the end. And we got to know that Obito started the war.
    Also, Hiruko in the end, is brought to his senses

    So the conclusions are

    Hiruko/Tobi : Declaration of Fourth Great Ninja War
    Attack on the Kekkei Genkai users (similar) Hunt for the Bijuus (Because the sole purpose of the villains Hiruko and Tobi is to become complete)
    Tobi = Obito (a hint)
    The origins of the Kekkei Genkai Shinobi in the manga

    The possibilities for the story in the manga

    Obito will die in the end after brought back to his senses.
    Sasuke will not be there with the Konoha 11 (because he was not there in the movie)

    So the idea about the Third movie of Naruto Shippuden was given by MK (I don't know whether he gave the idea at the time of production, but from these data I collected, it confirms)

    Flaws till now

    Pakura's death
    In anime : killed by the Mist. Gaara's Father was the Kazekage.
    In movie : Killed by Hiruko's subordinates. Gaara was already made the Kazekage.

    In anime : A sensory type shinobi.
    In movie : A Kekkei Genkai user.

    I think the anime makers forgot what they used in the movie.

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    Re: Origin of Thoughts for Fourth Great Ninja War in the Manga

    nice thread

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    Re: Origin of Thoughts for Fourth Great Ninja War in the Manga

    Yeah, I too noticed the obvious parallels. Hiruko does seem a lot like Tobi and he even has a bit of a friendship with Kakashi and some kind of prior connection.

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    Re: Origin of Thoughts for Fourth Great Ninja War in the Manga

    It's a possibility, but just keep watching to find out... fillers

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