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    Dean Winchester.

    "If this is my last day on earth, I don't want it to be socially awkward."

    Basic Information:
    Name: Dean Winchester.
    Nickname: Deano.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 28.
    Clan: /

    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Eye: Green

    Dean Winchester is a handsome man with green hazel eyes and dark fair/light brunette hair.


    Dean is shown to be understanding at times, kind, funny, mischievous, and a little immature. Dean values his family's safety over anything else.
    Dean is typically ruthless and aggressive when he is fighting, a task which he approaches enthusiastically, making him more merciliess.. But in spite of that, he is capable of acknowledging whenever he's going too far.

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: Iwagakure.
    Village of Alliance: Konoha.

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: Sage (posts).
    Specialty: Fire

    Lightning Release Mastered
    Fire Release Mastered
    Wind Release Mastered
    Water Release A-rank
    Earth Release A-rank

    Your ninjutsu:

    Taijutsu D-rank
    Ninjutsu C-rank
    Genjutsu Mastered

    Background Info.

    Dean grew up in the village hidden in the Rocks, with his father. Dean was 5 when his mother was killed, so Dean and his father both wanted to become ninjas, they trained and trained for years and years, then one fateful night Dean's father was killed by another Iwagakure ninja, so Dean left the village with pure rage. Along his travels Dean learnt a thing or two, but he wanted something more, something he thought no one has.
    To be continued...

    (Will extend later)



    Theme Song:

    Background Music:

    Thunderstruck - AC/DC.


    Won: -

    Bio I am dropping: Izumo Kamizuki.

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