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    Chapters 608 and 609 PREDICTIONS (various sources)

    Hi everyone,
    Here is my mix of my predictions with some other predictions I found in OPEN sites like this one :

    I just took the parts with Obito and Kakashi from this site and a fragment from that scenes belongs to a member of the base ahhimane. Other than that, the rest is my own prediction and this is not confirmed nor a Spoiler.
    I hope you enjoy it because I invested a lot of time and love to bring this to you. :ghehe:

    Note: Some of you might have found this thread before... and yes, it was me,,, it's the same thread... Only that mods wanted me to list (clearly) the sources.

    The last Ganble.

    The last gamble…
    (First scene- Naruto’s battlefield)
    Madara tries to capture Kurama using Hashirama’s ultimate Wood Dragon.
    Kurama is seen struggling to get rid of the Wood Dragon as it overpowers the tailed beast.
    Madara: This is my right… You belong to me! Kyubi!
    Naruto: Shut up! His name is Kurama and his not yours… He has freedom now and he… he has always been here for me. I will never let you capture Kurama, Bastard!!
    Kurama in thoughts: Naruto… you…
    Kurama: NARUTO!!
    Naruto: I get it! Do it Now!!!
    Kurama: GRRRAOHHHHHH!!
    Kurama opens his mouth and starts gathering the chakra to form a Bijudama.
    Madara: I know your power better than this brat… Do you think I would let you do that, Kyubi? … Ha, I thought you too knew my real power better than anyone. – Wood Dragon, OVERWHELMING SUPPRESSION!!-
    Kurama: GARSHHHHHHH!!!
    Kurama’s bijudama is stopped by the Wood Dragon as it takes Kurama to the ground and fairly immobilizes the tailed beast.
    …. (Kurama talking to Naruto in thoughts) I can’t hold any longer… Naruto!!!

    (Second scene- back to the Kages and Tsunade)
    Katsuyu: Tsunade-sama, please don’t ask me to forget about your current situation. We can save them, I promise … but I need to take immediate care of you or else you might…
    Tsunade: Katsuyu… You… you’ve been a loyal friend. All over these years… ugh (Tsunade spits blood) –
    Katsuyu: Look what that monster did to you!… Tsunade-sama, why didn’t you summon me to fight him?? … If you die, then I… I would have failed. I was prepared to protect you to the cost of my own life! Tsunade-sama!!

    Tsunade: K… Katsuyu…Ever since the Sage Snail assigned you to be my very companion … (cough) you’ve been not only my summoning… but a very close friend… When I saw you for the first time I… I knew you would never let me down…
    Katsuyu: But you didn’t trust me… you didn’t ask for my protection even when you knew you would never be able to defeat that man by yourself… I feel…
    Tsunade (interrupts Katsuyu) : Because I know the power that man, Uchiha Madara, embraces is that I didn’t summon you. I would never sacrifice a dearest friend’s life … What is done… is gone… (cough).. and I don’t regret my decision, not for a second.
    Katsuyu: Tsunade-sama…
    Tsunade: Katsuyu… There’s not much time left for me to be able to perform this jutsu… ugh! (spits blood)…now … do as I say.
    Katsuyu: But Tsunade-sama I refuse to…
    Tsunade: Katsuyu, you have no choice… this is my last command to you… this is my last bet.

    (Scene with Kakashi and Obito)
    Kakashi: Madara Brainwashed you did he??
    Obito: He's the one that saved my life, After you got my other eye you really did not came back for my corpse at least.
    Kakashi: .....
    Obito: So how does the do-it-all ninja before speechless huh??
    (Scene Shows Obito Making handseals)
    Obito: Wood Release "Piercing Strike"
    Kakashi: (Sharinggan Activates) it will not work obviously since its a kekkai genkai.
    (Scene shows Kakashi is pierced)
    Gai: Kakashi!!
    (Scene shows Kakashi pierced is just a lightning bunshin)
    Obito: Still the tricks... but it sure eat a lot of chakra did it not??
    Kakashi: (heavily breathing) for sure my chakra for that bunshin is huge. But he can also use Mokuton and makes him an Uchiha with Senju powers…
    (Scene back to Katsuyu, Tsunade and the Kages)
    Katsuyu is seeing spreading four clones to bring the Kages to her master, while Tsunade struggles to stay awake.
    Katsuyu: I did it as fast as I could, Tsunade-sama. They are all here...
    Tsunade: ugh… I can’t… take this any longer. Katsuyu, I will transfer all my chakra to you once I release the Saise… (cough). Make sure you transfer all that chakra to their bodies… That should do.
    Katsuyu: but…
    Tsunade: What is it … Katsuyu?
    Katsuyu: I’m not sure if Tsuchikage-sama is going to make it through this… his life force is passing away. Also, the Saisei regrows organs or missing limbs by regenerating cells. It actually accelerates this normal process of the human body … and there’s a limit of how many cells can be regenerated in a lifetime, which means it shortens the life span of the person in which the Saisei is performed… therefore, I don’t think he’s got much life ahead.
    Tsunade: I’m aware of that… but he’s the only one who has fought Madara in the past. His experience is vital for this war… Naruto might need him. I’ll try my best… A medical ninja would never quit as long as the patient still breathes … I made that rule.
    Tsunade: Katsuyu… get ready!
    Katsuyu: Ready! Tsunade-sama!
    Tsunade: Nimpo: Sozou Saisei !
    Tsunade’s forehead seal spreads through her face and then vanishes while Tsunade starts the chakra transfer technique.

    (Scene back to Kakashi and Obito)
    Obito: I just want to kill you for killing Rin..
    Kakashi: It’s just a mistake; The reason why I killed Rin is because Rin was about to....
    Obito: Stop!! I don’t want to hear it… it’s full of lies!! (Kamui Activates)
    Obito : Kakashi, you don't deserve to have my Sharingan, because you failed in the purpose which I entrusted to you while giving my eye!!
    Kakashi : ?!!!
    Obito: I wanted you to protect her… I will never forgive you!!!
    (a white skinned fist emerges from the dust to punch on Kakashi's face)
    (Kakashi kneels down to dodge the punch and makes hand signs and slams his hand on the ground)
    Obito : (approaching further) still using copied jutsus?!!
    Kakashi : Water Style : Water Shockwave Needle jutsu
    (Underground water around the destroyed battlefield gets collected and bursts out in front of Kakashi in the form of high speed needles drilling through the dust particles)
    (Obito still approaching Kakashi slips through the water attack and Kakashi)
    (Obito stops at the back turns around and lands a kick on Kakashi's back throwing him into his own active jutsu)
    Kakashi : Arghh!!!
    (The water needles cut Kakashi's chest parallel and some cuts on his arms and legs)
    (Blood spills out as he's thrown away through the dust)
    Obito : (His MS changes back to three tomoe) What happened Kakashi? Are you done for?
    Kakashi : (Holding the cut on his chest with his right hand and coughs out blood)(His mask turns red around his mouth) Obito!!
    Obito : ?!!!
    Kakashi : No matte..... No matter how much you injure me..... I won't die before listening to your reason!!
    Obito : Is that so? Then we will talk in the new world…
    (Scene back to Madara and Naruto)
    Madara: That was easy… I’m disappointed.
    Naruto: AGHHH!! Don’t underestimate me! A lot of people have put their trust in me! I can’t fail here!!

    (Scene back to Tsunade, Katsuyu and the Kages)
    The kages are seen all alive. A, Gaara and Mei are seen standing around Tsunade while Oonoki is still weak, trying to get up with the aid of Katsuyu’s clone.
    A: Tsunade… you…
    Mei: I thought I was dead! … Hokage-sama, you … you did this?
    Tsunade can barely manage to speak. Katsuyu remains close to her.
    Katsuyu: Tsunade-sama used her finest medical kinjutsu to save your lives at any cost… she decided to save your lives over hers…
    Gaara: Hokage…
    Oonoki finally manages to stand.
    Oonoki: Such determination… this is the real power of the Slug Princess… I’m speechless.
    A: Slug… Is there any way to save her?
    Katsuyu: …
    A: I see… Tsunade… my old friend. I will never forget what you’ve done… I’m in eternal gratitude with you. If at least there was something I could do for you… old friend. You’ve saved my life twice…
    Tsunade: ugh… There’s one last thing I need from you all.
    Katsuyu: Tsunade-sama… don’t try to speak… it will…
    Tsunade: (cough) ugh… Raikage, Mizukage, Kazekage, Tsuchikage… Naruto needs you. I won’t be able to do anything else from this point… that’s why I wanted to make sure that with my last jutsu, I would protect not only Naruto… but the ninja world. You are the remaining kages… you mean strength, leadership… people need you… (cough) He can’t defeat Madara by himself…
    Tsunade drops a tear
    Tsunade: He’s strong… but he’s still a kid. He will never grow up to my eyes… Go with Naruto. Protect him with your own lives… because…
    Gaara: !?
    Mizukage: !?
    A: Because he’s your last gamble… I get it… Tsunade.
    Ooniki: Hm… Then there’s no time to waste… your sacrifice won’t be in vain, Tsunade-hime.
    A: Right! … Katsuyu,take good care of her.
    Katsuyu: she’s the Slug Princess after all… my place is with her … until her last breath.
    Oonoki: Let’s go now!
    The Kages leave the scene.
    Tsunade in thought: All these years… followed by my fears, unable to protect the ones I loved. Never won a bet but that time when I bet Jiraiya would die… my best friend. A life full of failures… Unable to stop the catastrophic attack of Pain to the village… I might have been hard to understand… am I dying already? … Sakura, you need to become stronger, you need to surpass your master… and I know you can do it… Shizune, you were my best student, I remember when I promised to take care of you after Dan’s death, and you were so little… and Naruto, you made me believe in you. Somehow, I'm sure you are the boy of the prophecy, the savior of this world. The time has come for you to protect the village and the world. After all… I’ve always been The Legendary Sucker…

    Madara: Hm… you are so full of yourself… aren’t you?... I’m impressed by the fact that you, a brat from Konoha, were able to manage the hatred inside the Kyubi…. Yet, as a jinchuriki, you pale in comparison to Mito. You might control this weakened Kyubi, or share your will with its… But you would never be able to suppress the whole beast power as she did for such a long time. She sealed the Kyubi herself to help Hashirama… such a splendid life force, bounded to the wrong man…
    Naruto: Shut up!! I don’t care about what you say! I will defeat you no matter what! You mean nothing to me!
    Madara: I see… I guess I’ll take what is mine now…
    Madara is seen making hand seals.
    Suddenly, a jutsu releases the Kyubi from the Wood Dragon…
    Ooniki: Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu!!!
    Naruto: !!??
    All the Kages appear in the scene ready to help Naruto defeat Madara.
    Madara!?... you?? I thought I took care of you before…
    Naruto: Wait!!!... Where’s Granny??!!
    Onoki: Tsunade-hime used her kinjutsu to save our lives but she is…
    Naruto: No….. Why Granny?? …. Granny was the last family I’ve got left…. NOOOOOO!!!! You will pay for this Madara!!! I will never forgive you!!
    Naruto rages with tears in his eyes.
    Madara: Hm… seems like that old hag keeps giving me troubles even after dead… I never thought she could dodge death in some many ways and so many times… However, I already proved you are all useless against my power.
    A: Don’t be so sure!!! This time won’t be the same!!! This time I carry the last gamble of an old friend!!
    Mei: Time to send you back to your grave…
    (Scene back to Tsunade)
    Everything is white. An intense light illuminates the emptiness …
    Tsunade: So… this is it?? Am I finally dead??

    A familiar voice speaks to her…
    ???: just rest… He will pay dearly. I’ve been waiting for this moment to happen…
    Tsunade: who is that… are you…. ?
    ???: Tsunade, I approve of you and you have made me proud…
    Tsunade: ?!
    ???: Just rest… I will finish what I started all those years ago.
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