❖ Training Style ❖

Welcome to training, this is a brief on how this training with proceed. What will be given, and what is expected of you. This isn't complicated, pretty simple to understand.

What I will Provide

Name of the Technique
NarutoBase Template of the Technique
Picture of the Technique (Optional)
Description of how to perform the Technique
Name/link of the user shown in the anime/manga
Strength and Weakness/Advantages and Disadvantages (Optional)

What I expect of you

Understandable description of performing the technique
Strengths and Weakness/Advantages or Disadvantages (optional)

Before posting, subscribe to the thread by clicking "thread tools" to the top right of this post and selecting subscribe. When you are subscribed, you can seee if I have posted by clicking your "UserCP".

Your reply should be no less than two sentences and it should be descriptive enough. I'm not a fan of wallies though, so please don't exceed 5 sentences for each technique. If something should prevent you from replying in training for the next 2 weeks, please inform me. With that out of the way, lets begin. Your first post should include an approved biography of your choice.

Terrain: Plateau of a mountain