naruto 609 ( prediction) -Trash

with video for extra effects listen while reading :D

Naruto: i'll never abond my comrades!

Obito: why, would you protect the trash of this world the jinchuuriuki have seen the worst of this world always being treated as trash just for being alive. So tell me why anruto uzumaki what is it taht give syou hope hope taht could make nagato betray me?

Naruto: it was teh words kakashi sensei told me when i became genin " those who break teh rules are trash but those who abond their comrades are worse then trash!

Obito: !!!... kakashi you...

kakashi: even years after your death i thought of you as a hero someone who would never abond a comrade, so i taught my studenst to be like you!

naruto: kakashi sensei is this the guy whos name is on the stone? your best friend?

obito: that was my younger foolish self, before i saw reality.

kakashi: Obito you were my inpiration i changed my life, i vistsed your monaural statue every day sand i respected you, but after seeing what you've become... * activates ms* I can't forgive you you TRASH!

Obtio upon hearing this rushs at kakahsi but he phahses though him kakahsi turns around making a single hand seal.

Kakahsi: fire style fire ball!

obito: fire style fire ball!

the jutsus clash but kakahsi sends his into the kamui world while naruto comes up from behind and tries to hit him with rasengan obito knowing the ploy jumps up into teh air to dodge kakashi appear in teh air infront of him with a chidori in his hand. Obito with his sharingan copied teh seals and uses teh same jutsu they clash and they fall back.

As he falls towards naruto he makes a tailed beast bomb Obito telports to an area away from it but kakashi appears there at the same time his eye bleeding but tears as well...

Obito: die you trash!

kakashi: ( obito...)

flash back

Obito: i'll be hokage and i'll have my sharingan craved onto my head on the mountain!

obito: kakahsi take my eye and we'll see teh future together...


kakashi: ( Naruto i know how you feel about sauske now... includeing the promise you made to him...)

kakashi raikiri in hand attempts to hit obito but he phases though it but when obito tries to hit kakahsi kakashi too phases though the attack Then we see a panel in the kamui world kakashi is impaling obito and obito is implaing kakashi we then see teh current plane they both fall wounded.

kakashi: obito!

obito: shut up i don't care anymore! DIE! Uchiha ultimate ninjutsu: Kamium!

kakashi: i won't let you kill my student! my eye is the only thing that can defeat you its why the obito i knew left it to me, your no longer obito YOUR A MONSTER! Kuniumi!

( note those mean birth of gods/birth of land its more japense mythology)