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    Kakashi Hype

    Ok, I', getting quite confused with all the Kakashi hype, with him going against top tier shinobi and his ranking be compared to the title of "KAGE." Last time I checked Kakashi has defeated no one of any signifance, countering simple jutsu means nothing at this point. In all his fights i have yet to be impressed, they are entertaining however (vs. Hidan). Despite this what has he done to be full Kage level, who can he beat w/o question that puts him at this level?

    I have noted that he for sure has skill, with analyzing a situation, countering specific jutus, etc but fails to pull out a win. Therefore, I'm not hating on his character, hell I use to be a fan but I'm not seeing all this hype behind him of late.

    For me I see Kakashi as Jonin Level, which in itself is still very impressive but the ranking itself is being underrated. There is no such thing as low Kage, that's NB talk, you either have it or you dont.

    Can he defeat anyone in top 10? 15? (depending on ones ranking)

    Again, this isn't me hating but rather trying to understand this hype because I dont see how its emerged.

    As many people seem to mention how Kakashi was asked to be Hokage, as proof of him being Kage level that isnt for certain. In part 1 there was already problems with the village having powerfrul enough shinobi to take on the role of hokage, that they only could and would have consider Sannin to be the next. Jman already didnt want this role so Tsunade was the only choice. Once she was out of the pictuethe village had no other cannon elective to pick so they resorted to having to poick Kakashi from this lack of power deomonstrated in the village as a whole.

    Now, we know Jman didnt want this role and he was close with Kakashi, of course he would throw his name out. his name out as a last resort.
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