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    Awards Showcase

    Uchiha Daichi 大地

    "I look so cool right now!"

    Basic Information

    Name: Daichi 大地

    Nickname: Chore-Boy-who-thinks-he-is-the-Leader | Death Sewer | Asskickulator

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Clan: Uchiha


    Daichi portrays himself as a very cool person, despite having a more toward a loser-like personality. He is also somewhat reckless but knows how to deal with difficult situations. Despite his at first glance self-absorbed attitude Daichi does care about his friends as he wants to protect them. By time, he become much fearless than death itself is nothing but another journey in his opinion.

    Village Information

    Village of Birth: Amegakure

    Village of Alliance: Konohagakure and Kumogakure.

    Rank | Chakra Information

    Ninja Rank: Sannin

    Speciality: Lightening | Earth | Huge Fan User | Chakra control | Swordsmanship | Ninja Strings | War Fan User | Taijutsu


    Suiton | Mastered (+ AACJ)
    Doton | Mastered (+ AACJ)
    Raiton | Mastered (+ AACJ)
    Fuuton | Mastered (+ AACJ)
    Katon | Mastered (+ AACJ)

    Ninjutsu: Mastered (+ AACJ) | Taijutsu: B Rank+All allowed of the NB Taijutsu (+ AACJ) | Genjutsu: Mastered (+ AACJ) | Germ Releaase: Co-Created | Kenjutsu: Mastered+Kumogakure's | ZX Buster: Mastered | Rain Element: Mastered | Sharingan: One tomoe


    Doton: Due to his mastery over Doton, Daichi can perform Doton jutsu within one handseal or by just placing his hand over the ground in some cases.

    Raiton: Due to his extensive training in Raiton, Daichi can perform for Raiton jutsu faster.

    Weaponry: He is a true expert when it comes to ninja weapons. Having a verity of them mastered such as swords, war and huge fans, ninja wires and skates. He have a lot of weapons hidden all around his body.

    Summoning: Toad contract +Toad related Jutsus +Jirayia's teachable jutsus.

    Intellegence: He was the smartest uchiha member back at his time, smart enough to keep himself an equal to Madara's MS in spars. He can think of stratigies in an ace against almost everything.

    Background Information


    Born and raised behind the territory of the Uchiha clan, Daichi lived with his older brother and parents where they lived a good life. One day Daichi asked his parents to buy him a gift for him in a rush after just mastering the fireball technique with the fire element. His parents later died in an accident while going home causing his first scratch of pain in his lifetime. Having his last gift from his parents, a special ball-wheeled skate. Ever since that day Ginga, his older brother, seemed resentful toward Daichi. Years later he joined Kaihakusei as the Chore Boy where he became a shinobi. He was introduced into many weapons such as war fans, Fuma clan's shurikens, strings and huge fans while doing his job and traveling to different locations in the ninja world along with his first element, Raiton.

    He always thought of the only other war fan user in his clan, Madara Uchiha, as his rival, being the only other kid at his age back then. He fought him multiple times and was always trying to earn his attention and look of equality. Which made him evolve fast, resulting him learning the wind, water and earth element which he was amazingly good with it.

    When a stranger was being attacked by some of the the Senju clan members, Daichi sprang into action and started a fight with them with his team in pursuit. His usage of the fans and elements gave his clan the upper hand against them. Ginga then appears and uses a flash bombs to take everyone to safety before they officially claimed the win.
    At home Daichi and Ginga get into an arguement with Daichi looking back on how things used to be with him and Ginga after his parents left. Ginga told him then: "You are still an unreliable kid.". He is later ambushed by a Senju named Tobirama. Just when Tobirama attacked with his rare water driller technique Ginga appears to protect Daichi. During a brief fight Ginga was transported to another location of time and space by Tobirama's space/time Jutsu. After Ginga vanished, Daichi activated his first tomoe and used all of his powers fighting Tobirama. He passed out after he was hit by Tobirama's Space/time teleportation technique sending him to the future.

    When he woke up, he was in the middle of some weird village. He later then found another Uchiha member called Shitopi-chan who explained to Daichi about the happenings ever since his disappearance and told him to live with them in konoha so that he may start his search for Ginga with their help. However not hers as she doesn't he give a sh*t about anyone but herself. Daichi agrees however, he mentioned that Konoha is not his home. In konoha, he joined a white-haired-man in a long ANBU mission. In that time, that man, Jiraiya taught Daichi to summon Toads and many techniques of his own.

    With his weird strategies and weapons, Daichi was noted by a lot of shinobi, such as the legendary A of Kumogakure who afford him help that Konoha can never give. So he went there and mastered the usage of their sword styles. At kumogakure, Daichi felt more welcomed and faught to the end for that country. Until he found an old letter from Ginga at the end of his S rank mission:

    "Dear Brother,

    I am writing this knowing of all what happened to you so far by a special fortune telling technique my new friends know. I am proud of you. I apologize that I was unable to show my respect to you all of that time. Thank you for helping the village I helped building and please stay there because its still, somewhat, our home.

    Best wishes,
    Your brother, Uchiha Ginga."

    That letter led him to knowledge that his own brother was one of the builders of Kumogakure. Not only that, but his brother was always there for him, loving and caring. Daichi couldn't ask for me, his goal was achieved, his brother was save all along. Now, he have the new purpose of serving his new home and guide it. To be continued..



    Daichi carries two katana sheathed on the left side of his hip. As well as he carries a huge fan and a war fan on his back sometimes. He always have hidden shuriken, kunais and ninja wires with him. He often take his ball-wheeled skate. He may also have a bow and a bag of arrows on him.

    He is a blessed Uchiha who have a very strong and evolving eyes. He often puts on sunglasses just to cover his true identity as an Uchiha.

    Theme Music


    Won: Guess guess guess guess guess guess.. guess

    Lost: Guess guess guess guess guess guess guess.. guess guess

    Dropping Fu

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