(words) : Narration
[words] : Thinking

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Kakashi : Obito.... What you left to me in the past....
Obito : .....
Kakashi : .....is still here! What I can do now is to protect Naruto!
Obito : .... Look at your self and then think about protecting others. (dashes towards with his eye swirling)
Kakashi : (remembers when he was kicked on the face by Obito and a shuriken came out of Obito's eye and got pierced into Kakashi's chest) stay alert Naruto!! He can attack with weapons directly through his eye.
Obito : You talk too much.
(Naruto stands in front of Kakashi to block Obito)
(As soon as Obito approaches to Naruto, he teleports away)
Naruto : ?!! where did he go?
Kakashi : ?!!
Naruto : ?!!! Kakashi Sensei.... behind you!!
Kakashi : ?!! (leaps to dodge)
Obito : Uchiha Kaenjin!!

----------Madara vs Naruto, Gai & Hachibi----------
(As the dust clears out, Madara's Susano'o fades away and Rinnegan active)
(Madara's body below his waist is destroyed)
(Madara standing on one leg)
Madara : [ So.... that was not chakra ] You are quite a person to move away my Susano'o.
Gai : Hmm?!!
Naruto : Thank You...Gai sensei.
Madara : Enough played.... I must finish you both jinchurikis. (makes handsigns)
Gai/ Hachibi/ Naruto : ?!!!
(Madara regenerates completely)
Madara : Wood style: Double Headed Dragon.
(Two branches comes out from the ground and gets merged into one)
(Only the heads of the dragons are separated having long neck)
(Madara jumps on one of the dragon's head)
(Makes handsigns)
Madara : Fire Style : Fire Imitation
(slams his hand seal on the Dragon)
(A three tomoe symbol is formed on the Dragon's forehead)
(As soon as the mark stabilizes, the dragon spits out fire)
Naruto /Gai/ Hachibi : ?!!

----------Obito vs Naruto & Kakashi----------
(A rectangular box is created whose one face is formed between Kakashi, who is in mid air, and Naruto, who is standing there.)
Kakashi : Arghh!! (while leaping away, hits with the wall of the jutsu and is thrown inside. Kakashi falls on the ground)
Naruto : Kakashi Sensei!!!
(Naruto is standing out of the jutsu while Obito and Kakashi is inside)
Obito : (looking at Naruto) Now... you will not interfere. I can now kill him.(looks at Kakashi) You both are isolated.
Kakashi : (lying on the ground) ?!!
(Obito increases the area of the jutsu to fight with Kakashi)
Naruto : (jumps back as the area of the jutsu increases) Damn it .... the same jutsu. (remembers when Hachibi tried to attack Gedo Mazo and got his hand burned from the wall of the jutsu) (the walls of the jutsu in which Gedo Mazo is isolated shakes) ?!! wait a...
(Obito starts walking towards Kakashi to kill him)
Naruto : ?!!
(jumps to a height to leap inside the jutsu)
Obito : ?!! You can't.
(Obito extends the height of the wall as Naruto leaps higher and higher)
(Finally Obito closes the opening on the ceiling)
Obito : (looks at Naruto who is mid air) Its completely isolated now. You can't enter.
Naruto : (in the mid air) (smiles)
Obito : ?!!
???? : Giant Rasengan!!!
(The wall cracks from the base of the wall and the crack advances)
(The wall shatters into fragments)
(Naruto who is in the mid air poofs away)
Obito : A clone?!!
(Naruto holding the Giant Rasengan enters into the shattering jutsu and attacks Obito with it)
(As Naruto approaches Obito, Obito phases through the Rasengan and jumps back)
(As Obito jumps back, he phases through the shattering wall and lands outside the jutsu)
(Naruto stands near Kakashi holding him with the shoulders)
(The wall shatters and burns away separating Naruto & Kakashi and Obito on opposite sides of the wall)
Obito : How did you?
Naruto : (holding Kakashi) (smiles) It was simple.....when you used that jutsu, the walls of the Mazo became thin compared to previous. That is why I could hear the shaking of those walls. So to make these walls thin, you created now, I just had to increase its height.
Obito : .....
Kakashi : ....
Naruto : As my clone leaped higher and higher, you increased the height so as to prevent him to enter from above thus making the walls more thinner. And I got my chance from below, because you were noticing the moves of my clone.
Obito : Bastard!! ... If so then... you had a chance to attack the Mazo.
Kakashi : .......
Naruto : Leaving my friends behind...... to get killed (points at Obito) by a SCUM like you... I can't.... my sensei taught me....
Obito : ?!!
Naruto : "Those who don't care for their friends are worse than scum."
Obito : ?!! (remembers his said words to Kakashi when Rin was kidnapped) (remembers Kakashi's words, "Obito.... what you left to me in the past.... is still here!!")
Kakashi : You see.... Obito.
Obito : ?!!
Kakashi : I never made your words go in vain. I have always seen you as my hero..... my inspiration. I was never able to protect my precious friends whom I loved.
Obito : (stands with his head down listening to Kakashi)

----------Madara vs Naruto, Gai & Hachibi----------
(Madara notice the shattering jutsu)
(looks at Obito)
Madara : ?!! [ What will be his decision? ]

----------Obito vs Naruto & Kakashi----------
Naruto : Sensei.
Kakashi : (leaves Naruto's hand and walk towards Obito) But I wanted to inherit your Will into the new generation. So that, what happened to me, should never happen with them. So that, your Will will pass onto next generation by them.
Naruto : .....
Obito : ......
(Kakashi reaches near Obito)
(Keeps his hand on his shoulder facing each other.)
Kakashi : When I look at Naruto... he makes me to think of you... And this is what Naruto is today....(turns to Naruto)
Naruto : (gives a faint smile)
Kakashi : Like your Will.... his Will is to prot- (coughs out blood) ?!!! Obito?!!
(Obito pierces his hand through Kakashi's heart)
Obito : Yes... Kakashi!! My Will to protect everyone has not yet faded.
Naruto : ?!!!
Obito : I will bring peace to this cursed world through Moon's eye plan.
Naruto : (tries to shout)Kakashi....Sensei!!!
Gai : ?!!!
Hachibi : ?!!
Madara : Hmm?!!
(Obito removes his blood soaked hand)
Obito : I already said you to shut your mouth. Meet you in the another world.
Kakashi : ?!! (falls down dead)
(Naruto is shown standing in shock watching Kakashi falling on the ground)

(What will Naruto do?)