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    Kishimoto I hear what you're drawing.

    Fed up with the manga? Ready to stop reading? If the answer is no then read no further. If you answered yes then read on and you may reconsider.
    For awhile now we have been confronted with some impossibilities. The most recent is Kakashi using Kamui so many times. Couple this with the fact that several chapters ago his eye had begun to bleed. Now suddenly he has managed to wipe his eye free of blood but not the sweat. Now in 608 we have Kishimoto clearly pointing out through Kakashi "Hey shouldn't this eye be bleeding?". Let me emphasize it a little for you. In 609 we have Kakashi's wounds and clothes both magically healed before he received Chakra from Kurama (not that it would help his clothes anyway). A few chapters earlier we also had Madara stating "This is also a clone. Where's the real one, Obito?" As though the greatest Sharingan user can't see 150 meters away. Minato's head carving when he shouldn't have been Hokage yet. I'm not going to list them all but you get the idea. This has now been happening every single chapter and it isn't errors.

    My theory is that Kishimoto is doing these things deliberately to see if you, the reader, catch on to the fact that you are not viewing the same story, or timeline actually, it changes even panel to panel. It is similar because it is looping but make no mistake they are different. Obito hints at this by saying that this world will end soon and that all it does is create more and more trash. So how is Kakashi able to use Kamui so much? He isn't using it consecutively, different loop. What happened to his wounds and how did his jacket get healed? Different loop. How does Madara think there are multiple clones then suddenly fight a real one? Different loop. How is Minato's head carved before he was Hokage? You get the picture. Hopefully, this reaffirms your faith in Kishimoto.
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