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  • He will learn to mix it with Kyuubi Mode??

    4 40.00%
  • He will take advantage of the Natural Energy on the battlefield vs. Madara??

    3 30.00%
  • Sage Mode will beat Mokuton Jutsus

    2 20.00%
  • He will destroy Madara using sage Mode

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  • Sage Arts is perfect for Edo Tensei enemies

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    Naruto 609 Prediction (JIRAIYA's MESSAGE)

    (Scene shows Kakashi with Naruto Bunshin vs. Obito)

    Kakashi: Thanks Naruto, you saved me..

    Naruto: Thats ok,, dont let this shit mess with us up

    Obito: .... soon world domination awaits me so prepare yourselves

    (Scene shows Naruto bunshin vanishes)

    Kakashi: its amazing naruto bunshin is already capable to use thunder god technique at its full speed....

    Obito: Thanks to him of course, for your supposed be dead by now.. so enough talking shall we??

    (Scene shows eye of Kakashi transforms again to Mangekyou Sharringan)

    Kakashi: All right Obito, its a perfect time also that you and me will fighting for the end..

    Obito: I dont think so... (Making hand seals) Katon Blazing Fire Blast Jutsu!!!

    Kakashi: A huge fire jutsu huh?? Kamui!!!

    (Scene shows fire technique transferred to another dimension)

    (Scene shows Obito uses kamui also)

    Obito: Not bad kakashi,,, now.... Kamui!!!

    (Scene shows kakashi is sucked to another dimension)

    Kakashi: No!!!!!

    (Scene shows kakashi and the fire jutsu meets up to the other dimension)

    Kakashi: This is bad... ahhhhH!!!

    (Scene shows Kakashi in engulfed with Fire)

    Obito: Your not the only one capable in using Kamui, dont forget that ahahahah!!

    (Scene back shows Naruto surrounded by the Wooden Dragon)

    Madara: Its the jutsu that contained the kyuubi before, so dont expect less about it..

    Naruto: Kurama we're losing Chakra... I cant take it longer

    Kurama: Hold on Naruto... Naruto!!!!!

    (Scene shows Kyuubi Form vanishes and Naruto falling down from up high)

    Madara: So it seems the Kyuubi is in my hands now..

    (Scene Shows Madara Making handseals)

    Madara: Come forth Gedo Mazo!!!

    (Scene Shows gedo Mazo appeared)

    Madara: (Making Hand seals) Mokuton Bunshin Jutsu!!

    (Scene shows 3 additional Madara Bunshins)

    Madara: You all contain the Kyuubi while im busy fighting with the 8 tailed and the other

    Bunshin Madara: Right... (All bunshin making hand seals) Forbidden Jutsu!! Complete Illusionary Dragon Seal!!

    (Scene shows Naruto is covered with sealing barrier and he's unconscious)

    Kurama: Naruto wake up!! this is bad they are trying to seal me out of you... NO!!!!!)

    Killer Bee: This is real bad.... We need to distract those bunshin to release naruto... now!!

    (Scene shows Madara instantly gone besides Killer Bee)

    Madara: Not on my sight!!! Mokuton Sudden Forest Jutsu!!!

    (Scene shows Killer bee is smashed by uprooting trees and plants)

    Killer Bee: Ugh!!!.... May the sage of the six paths help us on times like these...... Though its not appropriate to say that but in this case. They got naruto, the kages are dead and were the ones left here to stop those 2 monsters!!

    Gai: We still need to risk our lives to protect naruto and the ninja world.. (Making Hand seals) Last Gate open Death Gate!!

    (Scene shows gai skins is scattering and starting to burn due to intense heat and chakra release)

    Gai: Its worth my life to save naruto and help the others in maintaning order in this world... ahhhh!!!

    Madara: Still the persistent huh?? come on you little rat!!! (Making handseals) Ultimate Susanoo!!

    (Scene shows back to naruto on his consciousness)

    Naruto: Where am I?? is that Kurama??

    (Scene shows Kurama is being ripped off the cage unto the Gedo Mazo mouth)

    Naruto: Whats happening?? Im scared... Help me... Yondaime... Everyone... Kurama...

    (Scene shows Naruto on his consciousness trying to fade away)

    ???: NO!!! Its not the end for everyone, for you and for the future...

    (Scene shows a man with Pointed hairs in shadow)

    Naruto: Whose there??? Jiraiya Sensei?? its you!!!

    Jiraiya: Naruto, Im very thankful to put my few chakra mixed on the seal on your stomach, i guess theres a big benefit to it ahahaah!!

    Naruto: So like my mother and father... you also use a seal to speak to me upon unconsciousness..

    Jiraya: I see all the happening after my death with your seal right there, I also are happy to see that you already master Sage Arts and not just that you surpassed every ninja you've known by controlling the Kyuubi.. I guess you are really the destined child spoken by the great sage..

    Naruto: Destined Child?? dont you get it.. Im a failure im trying to be sealed right now I failed all the Ninja out there!!! Madara and the fraud Madara will make a forbidden genjutsu on this world we are all ruined!!!

    Jiraya: Stop the hell will yah!!! Yes of course ive seen all that but dont forget that you are the destined child... I spoken about peace with you before right?? so right now im going to give you my chakra for you to come back there at the battlefield!!!

    Naruto: But Jiraiya Sensei how can I stop Madara and the fake Madara and bring peace if im not that strong and im not..

    (Scene shows Jiraiya holds Naruto uphigh)

    Jiraiya: Just remember that your my favorite student, you are the son of my 2nd favorite student and you are the student of the greated ninja of all JIRAIYA THE PERVY SAGE AHAHAHA!!!

    Jiraiya: So how can you bring peace to this ninja world??

    Naruto: Like Nagato said by having peace, hatred and pain arrives so...

    Jiraiya: (Smiles)

    Naruto: I wont give up!!!

    Jiraiya: Thats my Boy!!!!

    (Scene shows Jiraiya is fading away on Naruto's consciousness)

    Madara: What just happened??

    (Scene shows a huge blast occured, Madara Mokuton Bunshins destroyed and sealing barrier is wrecked)

    Madara: (Making handseals) reversed summoning jutsu.... (Gedo Mazo gone)

    Madara: What the hell happened???

    (Scene shows arrival of the other Ninja on the Battle field)

    (Scene shows Killer bee, Gai, Kakashi, Obito, Madara looking on the sky as the sky lights up)

    (Scene shows every ninja looking up high in the sky)

    Neji: Ugh.. whats that light??

    Shikamaru: It must have been a big blast... are we too late??

    Choji: My eyes!...

    (Scene shows Naruto glowing up high)

    (Scene shows Naruto not on Kyuubi Mode but on Sage Mode)

    Naruto: Dont Underestimate me!!!! Im UZUMAKI NARUTO DAMN YOU!!!!

    (Why Naruto on Sage mode???) (Whats next for our hero??)

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    Re: Naruto 609 Prediction (JIRAIYA's MESSAGE)

    I stopped after Jiraiya somehow put his chakra into Naruto's seal..

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    Re: Naruto 609 Prediction (JIRAIYA's MESSAGE)

    I really don't think that's going to happen, but it was really interesting, nice job.....

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    Re: Naruto 609 Prediction (JIRAIYA's MESSAGE)

    Too much content. Gai opening last gate would be a dramatic ending.

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    Re: Naruto 609 Prediction (JIRAIYA's MESSAGE)

    and this is where i say no, we switch to sasuke.

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    Re: Naruto 609 Prediction (JIRAIYA's MESSAGE)

    nice read!!

    but i do not think this will happen as jiraiya is not gonna come back...the way he went down was fitting for a sannin

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    Re: Naruto 609 Prediction (JIRAIYA's MESSAGE)

    nice prediction,even if it's impossible for it to happen

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    Re: Naruto 609 Prediction (JIRAIYA's MESSAGE)

    wherever Gai plays the hero he somehow must die wtf why cant he use other techniques or does he just know the gates poor prediction I dint read after Jiraiyas coming

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