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    Kahlan Amnell | The Mother Confessor


    ""We all can be only who we are, nothing more, no less.""

    Basic Information

    Name: Kahlan Amnell
    Nickname: The Mother Confessor
    Age: 27
    Clan: Yamanaka Clan (山中一族, Yamanaka Ichizoku)


    Kahlan is a very beautiful, tall woman with intelligent blue eyes. She wears her dark brown hair longer than any other woman in the Midlands, as she held the highest rank of all. Being the Mother Confessor, she was usually dressed in her white Mother Confessor's dress, though she was not adverse to wearing traveling clothes. In the books she wears pants and a tunic when traveling, while in the television series she wears a green or black dress.

    Kahlan carries a knife given to her by Chase. She wears a necklace with a pendant of black stone given to her by Shota that makes it impossible for her to have children. She also wears the Agiel of Denna pendant around her neck, a sign of her simultaneous respect and hatred for the Mord-Sith who guide her love interest and yet tortured him and took away his innocence.


    Despite having grown up in the beautiful Confessors' Palace, Kahlan is far from arrogant. She longs for peace across the Old and New Worlds and for the freedom and prosperity of all her people. Kahlan is capable of being ruthless to those who commit treason or who ally with the darkness, and is ruled by cold, unrelenting justice and duty. Kahlan is adept at hiding her emotions behind the face of a Confessor. As a Confessor, Kahlan values and respects truth immensely; as Zedd once said, "you know, dear one, you might make a good Seeker yourself."

    Confessors have no friends, bar other Confessors, and all her life Kahlan has longed to have a friend who lovs her for herself, and also for the possibility of being a woman and living the life of family and children. Kahlan's lifetime wish may become a reality if she can decide to let go of any presumptions about herself. Kahlan has made many friends with time and patience and no longer felt the loneliness of being born a Confessor.


    Village Information

    Village of Birth: [IMG]http://*******/RAQYok[/IMG] Konohagakure

    Village of Alliance: [IMG]http://*******/WeDGm9[/IMG] Sunagakure

    Ninja Rank/Chakra Information

    "The answer you want is within yourself. You must seek it."

    Ninja Rank | Jounin


    | Chakra Control | Yamanaka Clan Techniques - Need Training |


    | [IMG]http://*******/PwJNiD[/IMG] | [IMG]http://*******/Uz5dJ9[/IMG] | [IMG]http://*******/Vnn2jP[/IMG] |

    | Earth: Would like to learn first | Water: Would like to learn | Fire: Would like to learn |

    | Ninjutsu: E-Rank (Basic) |

    Background Information
    "It is only by action in the present that we can change what otherwise will come to pass."


    From Nothing to Something | Tale of the Blossom Leaf

    Kahlan's mother, the Mother Confessor at the time, chose Wyborn Amnell Yamanaka of Konoha as her mate, to ensure, as was the Confessors' tradition, that her daughters would have a strong father. Their first and only daughter was Kahlan. Before she gave birth to Kahlan, her mother met a powerful kunoichi named Adie, who gave her a necklace to help protect Kahlan while she was in the womb. Adie was loyal to the Confessors and an ally of Kahlan throughout the Second Great Ninja War.

    Kahlan grew up at the Confessors' Temple within Konoha. Like all Confessors, Kahlan was given an exceptional education as a child. Her father, as a Respected Elder and a warrior, taught Kahlan about diplomacy, war, leadership, economy, history, languages, geography, and many other matters needed to become a well-rounded kunoichi. He also taught her how to fight with a sword, a bow, and a knife. Kahlan also studied with other members of her family, in order to learn about the principles, usage, and history of ninjutsu.

    Kahlan's mother taught her about her powers (no such power exists in this bio; she doesn't have any abilities), and about the mission and duties of a Confessor. Kahlan was taught that the sole purpose of her existence was her duty to truth and justice and her duty to protecting the narutoverse. She was told throughout her childhood that she could never have love, and that duty would take its place in her life.

    Once she reached the appropriate age, Kahlan began presiding over trials and taking Confessions all over Konoha. Most of her teenage years were spent in dungeons and jails, Confessing the accused in the name of justice.

    However, when Kahlan was still reasonably young, her mother died from a terrible sickness, and her father died from grief shortly thereafter. Dennee's mother, another Confessor who was close to Kahlan's mother, "adopted" Kahlan; thus Kahlan and Dennee became something like sisters.

    Dennee was frail, her powers were relatively weak, and her heart was soft; she found Confessions unbearable. Although she herself found them haunting, Kahlan often took Confessions in Dennee's place.



    The Confessors ability (Yamanaka Abilities) was exceptionally strong in Kahlan. This, along with her great strength and wisdom, resulted in Kahlan becoming the youngest Mother Confessor in history. However, shortly before and during her reign, A Dark Ninja named Darken Rahl set his sights on conquering and enslaving Konoha, and soon dissolved the boundary that separated the villages from his land. The People's Peace Force began to invade the Konoha in Rahl's name, citing motives of peace. The resulting conflict was known as the Second Konoha War War. Kahlan led her allies in a fierce fight against Rahl. They won and peace was restored to Konoha and Kahlan resumed her life until she decided that she would travel to Suna in hopes of finding out more of her family.

    Other Information

    Chakra Control: Kahlan discovered that she had an excellent control over her chakra, and as such she had an innate ability to use techniques to their maximum efficiency without wasting any chakra. Zedd has pointed out that her ability to gather chakra from every part of the body and then using it with great timing made her superior to her team-mates in that respect. While this particular ability was never put to great use in the beginning, her chakra control became a focal point of her fighting style.

    Intelligence: Kahlan's original defining characteristic was her intelligence, as seen with her consistently high test scores while in the Academy. Kahlan has a keen talent for observation and analyzing, which she uses to overcome most forms of deception. However, Kahlan's focus on her studies in the Academy greatly affected her physical performance. Her poor combat skills and stamina prevented her from being helpful during the earlier battles in the series.

    Later on, along with her other attributes, Kahlan's exceptional intelligence and keen observation skills also improved during her training with her father, who taught her to read and decipher the attack patterns of her enemies and act accordingly. As a result, she could now read complex patterns in her opponent's attacks, even opponents that could be considered as strong as Sasori, a feat which even surprised an experienced war veteran like Zedd.

    [IMG]http://*******/S6RqLc[/IMG] [IMG]http://*******/U7UPvD[/IMG][IMG]http://*******/UNrOY8[/IMG]

    Order of Confessors: The land that Kahlan had fled to considered her Yamanaka abilities as Confession. Using her abilities, Kahlan could deduce if the target was lying or not by transferring her mind to other opponents. People feared the Yamanaka's of the Midlands and instead cooperated in instituting them as Confessors (Judges). They presided over disputes and cast judgement which was highly respected.

    Will of Sand: Kahlan has a really strong willpower, and carries the will of sand inside from her very proud village of Sunagakure. Having such strong will means that in a fight, small injuries are not enough to stop her. Her will to live for, and protect the village is a very great deal.

    Standard Arsenal: Kahlan carries with her sevaral small pouches which contain kunais, shurikens, makibishi spikes, smoke bombs, flash bombs, exploding tags, and even small exploding pellets. She also carries with her twin daggers at her sides and one hidden inside her boots. On her back she carries a Gunbai, a rather large war fan much like Uchiha Madara had worn.


    Won: None
    Lost: None

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