Since there are less and less topics to debate over about the anime Naruto, NB is slowly but steadily getting quieter.
I used to run a game server + a forum for it. The ingame activity was plausible, our forums active but not well maintained as NarutoBase. I looked up to all the features of NB and its community and tried to implement it in my own forum.

Now, I think it would be beneficial for NB to do just the opposite and focus on a potential game server!!

There are several potential games including naruto roleplay games out there we pick one out of!

Picture this: Your NB account is linked to NB's future game server. your post rank and such will be shown in-game.
Also, it could boost the amount of contests on the forum. Like, the player with the highest kill-score (or whatever) wins a medal for it.

Come with your suggestions and/or critics.

1: Gunz the Duel. female/male options, character building, questing, clan war. A gunz server can be made without need to worry about copy right.

Pockie Ninja is new for me, but since its unoffical we might be able to make our own version of it: