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    Re: L.A. Lakers fire coach Mike Brown

    Quote Originally Posted by -The Light- View Post
    yes he was all his friends were allowed to do what ever they wanted.if he didnt want a player to gt signed to a contract that player wouldnt get signed.the cavs did what lebron wanted. before they made a trade he would have to accept it.
    You are confusing benefits from actually being a owner. You have yet to answer my question of which trades/free agency did LeBron specifically accept or reject? And like I said he did receive benefits along with many other players, he probably has gotten more than many other players since he is a superstar but one of owner/management main purposes is improving their team via trade/free agency/draft. In no way shape or form has LeBron been the guy that accepts/rejects players because he does not have the power too. The owner/management does, not players. So again stop getting confused with the two.
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